Monday, April 12, 2010


I totally planned to update this weekend but I spent very little time at home and when I was home I was either really busy or sleeping. 

Fridays are my day off, the reason is that with working a full day AND synagogue I never get time to go to gym and Friday night meals are always very big and rich in calories. I try to eat in such a way that I have loads of points left for supper but I dont freak out if I go over my points on a friday.

Saturday was full of lessons for me foodwise. In the morning we went bird watching with the Finish guide that J was working with this week. It was very cold but loads of fun and we saw so many different bird species AND hippos. All this 10 minutes from home. I love Cape Town. We then dropped him back off at the hotel and went for breakfast. I had a rosti with mozzarella and bacon and a smoothie and there go half my points for the day. ON BREAKFAST! We then went shopping and then home so J could change and I could take him to the hotel as he would accompany his group on the bus to the airport. What was meant to take 20 minutes took and HOUR and I still had to bake cupcakes. I made marshmallow cupcakes. They were delicious but I was sweetend out by the end of the evening as by the time we got to the party we had nothing to eat so unfortunately had cake and cupcakes and pizza!?! Well even with all that I didnt pig out like I would in the old days and only went over my points but 2½ points. Still, not the best food. 

So sunday I ate better, stayed well under my points to make up for the day before. I started the morning with a very healthy Israeli breakfast called Shakshuka. Basically its eggs poached in a tomato and onion relish. I called it store cupboard shakshuka as I had no fresh veg so used tinned tomato and onion mix and dried garlic. Then we went to houtbay with my family and when we got home J sent me to nap as I looked (and felt) dead on my feet. 2½ hours later I woke up and he had done the laundry and cleaned the kitchen *sigh* I love my man. We then went to a braai at my parents and then back home to bed so I could get enough sleep before work

I am not gonna make it to any gym today because I am going to my friends for a Roleplaying and supper, I will however excuse myself when I get there and restart the 100 push up program so I can get some calories burnt.

Have a great week!


  1. I'm glad that you are gentle on yourself when you go over points. You have done so well caring for your body. It's fantastic.

  2. Like my leader says "thats how thin people do it" :)

  3. Looks like you are doing a good job! Have a great week!