Thursday, April 15, 2010

Over the "hump day"

Yesterday was a super day eating wise, I was really good until the end of the day when I had this unbelievable craving for chocolate so I binged...well not really, I had 3 block which is more then I have had in a while. I ate exactly 24 points so the chocolate went into my activity points but its fine, I didnt eat a whole bar and so I am happy.

I decided that wednesdays is aqua day. I didnt think it was so hard but I was so tired after. It could be from the lack of sleep the night before too. I did enjoy the yoga and the instructor was soooo happy to see me there (he also teaches step and vbox and has seen me at the gym for years)

My dad made this amazing thai fish curry last night, low in fat (used the low fat coconut milk and the low fat curry paste) and sooo tasty. I dont normally like fish curries but my mom endeavored to buy a fish I like so I could eat it.

Today I am saving up points for tonight, thursday nights we go to a friend to watch movies and we order nando's. As faswt food goes, nando's is very good, they actually plan their menu with dieticians and there is a whole page dedicated to them in my WW book. Still I like to have the chicken, a salad with feta and either a milie (corn on the cob) or a roll (and 5 chips) so I eat low point stuff throughout the day to save up points for the evening :)

FOR THE SA READERS BEWARE: Woolies "slimmer's choice" is a lie! I looked at the packaging the other day and was shocked! The "slimmer's choice" lasagne and the regular lasagne are almost the same! there is about a 100kj difference. I am almost considering writing a letter of complaint, they are cheating people. I thought about them, but I realised they will probably tell me it's consumer's responsibility to check the nutritional information. Scoundrels


  1. Write to woolies! And I will, too.

  2. Isn't it funny how we sometimes think we binge now but it is nothing compared to our old binges. The fish curry sounds good.

  3. Give yourself credit you stayed within your points for the day, and managed to save some for Thursday. Good job!

    Woolies! Write them! Isn't that always seem to be true-- buyer's beware. I think they need to give classes in school for being a smart consumer.

  4. Princess: I wil;l be taking a picture of the 2 diffrent lasagnes and writing to them

    Sarah: Yeah its so weird, a binge is cut in half really when your every day food is cut in half

    JAllgood:I try not to touch activity points but I am not too worried if I use 1 or 2 out of 7 or 10 activity points.