Monday, May 31, 2010

My weekend that was week 2

So as you could see, Thursday and Friday's posts were non existent. Well the reasons are simple, I had nothing to write about. No one wanted to use my blogspace to advertise and we didn't to see a movie on Thursday night.

Friday I cooked supper and you can follow the recipe adventure on my other blog: Add to taste. It took a lot longer then expected but it came out fantastic and everyone ate their fill.

Saturday The Partner was meant to come over to bake cookies that we could sell but she ended up spending the day with her sig-oth and I ended up meeting Princess Anie's new addition to the family while getting really slow and overwhelmed service from the staff at Millstone in Oude Moulen. Later on I was being fetched to The Physio's birthday The Physio and her husband. I was told they would miscall me when they were 5 mintues away so I could head out to meet them at security. I received a missed call SMS and ran straight for the gate, not checking the number. When I got there and saw that no one had arrived, then I checked my phone and saw it was actually The Husband who had tried to call me to let me know he was done working. I told him where to meet us and shortly after my lift arrived.

The boys went to watch the rugby at Woodstock lounge while the girls went for happy hour cocktails at Jamaica me Crazy. 3 cocktails and lots of giggles later (it amazes me that I can switch from being uber bouncy fan girl to laughing at the uber bouncy fan boys,e specially while slightly warmed by my liquid refreshment). Sorry that the Stormers had lost but proud that they got as far as they did and that they were not completely trampled by the bulls.

We then headed off for sushi at 1890 House. Consistently good sushi at consistently good prices, you know you have been to a place too often when they waiter gives you a hug when you arrive. Had delicious fish, champagne and plenty of water. Then home James, with a detour past Woodstock lounge, apparently The Husband put down a bet that the score will be 27 -17 to the bulls, to collect some winnings.

Saturday morning bright and early The Partner arrived and we started our first tandem baking adventure. We went shopping for the few things we were missing and then got to work. We spent the whole day working in my tiny kitchen and didn't bump into each other or spoil each others work or anything of the sort. Later we went for supper at my mom's and in her huge kitchen we kept knocking each other, and all we were doing was eating. The evening ended off with an episode of knightrider and Angels and Daemons and then off to bed.

Ah and also, if you want to see the result of the baking check out
Goodbye Hello Kitty

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weightloss Wednesday

So I have an idea for a badge and I have asked a fantasticly talented friend to help me.

Last nights weigh in wasnt too bad. I havent moved. Still the same weight. I managed to track most days which isnt ideal but its better then not tracking at all. Once I  am back in the habit I will be doing it regularly and I know if I track consistently and accurately I can lose the weight.

I have gone to gym 3 days in a row now (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and today I am taking a break. If the weather stays as it is I may take my mom and the dogs down to the beachfront for a walk this evening but otherwise I need a rest day. The reason is simple: The fitness you gain in 3 weeks of exercise is marginal compared to the fitness you lose when you dont exercise for 3 weeks. The Husband suggested I do 3 days in a row for a while till my fitness is back up to the point where I can handle 5 days in a row like I used to.

My trainer is sick so I had a lesson in pushing myself last night. I followed the routine he did with me last Thursday which was 20min of cardio, stretching then core exercises and then finish off the 45 minutes with cardio (from next week I will be back up to an hour). So I did 20 min on the elliptical (currently the one cardio machine I can really push on without hurting my back) then did my stretches. I did my balance exercise byt standing on an overturned bosu ball with my eyes closed for as much of it as possible. Then I did 90° crunches iwth a 1kg medicine ball between my legs. I did 5 of them while holding the crunch each time for 10 counts. Then 5 crunches, holding th medicine ball out in front of me also holding the crunch for 10 counts. I then did the plank for 1 minute and I felt it wasnt enough, so I did an exercise where you hold the plank position and tap a ball in front of you with alternating hands, I did 15 taps.

I finished off on the treadmill. Now most of you already know I have a shin splint problem so I cannot run, at least not at my current weight. A few weeks ago I decided to do a little experiment as the top speed I can go on the treadmill does not raise my heart rate up enough. SO I dropped the speed and upped the incline. At the moment my maximum is a 13° incline at speed 4.

I have set some goals for the next couple of weeks that I think will help me get out of this rut I find myself in. Firstly back to limiting my salt. Portion control!! I have lost my way here and its time to get back to that. In addition The Husband and I have decided that June is "No Bread Month". We are not cutting out carbs or starches, just bread.

Current weight: 115.2kg (254lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 64.2kg (141.5lb)

Monday, May 24, 2010

My weekend that was

This weekend wend more or less as planned. Nothing completely off track but there were some moments of madness I can share.

Friday was nothing exciting really and everything went as it was meant to, except that last minute I was sent to do the shopping. I discovered to my great glee that the Garden Center PnP and woolies are open till 9pm!!

Saturday was full of adventure. I went to Truth Coffee Cult in the morning and bought coffee for my sister and I, then to Marcelino's to buy bread, but it was too early for bread so I went to drop off the coffee and came back for the bread. Later we went flat hunting. This is where things got interesting. We went with an estate agent from the Table View Remax Associates, named Derek Ghol. He showed us one flat inside and out and then moved onto the next where he was unable to get hold of the tenant so showed us the flat from the outside. The third block of flats he took us to he just pointed at the general block, said "they all look the same from the outside, its 2 bedrooms but very compact" we said thank you, took his card and when he asked if he could contact us if he had any more my moms aid he was welcome to as long as we could see inside, to which he replied in a huffy, sulky voice "If you're going to be stroppy then forget about!" then under his breath "I have good properties" as he stormed off to his car and drove off. I am still in shock.

Later we went to see a private sale and I think we may have found out first home.

That evening my sister and I went to watch The Stormers at newlands. wow wow wow that was a fantastic experience and I really didnt expect my sister to be such an awesome person to watch it with, she normally doesnt watch with us when we watch on TV. She was the best best best partner.

The next morning I was up early for some ungodly reason and decided that I should take the opportunity to plan my morning to go to gym before going for coffee with a friend. Gym went well and the coffee was fantastic. This friend has lost 42kilos!! very very inspiring.

The rest of the days went quietly. The Husband was meant to work last night but didnt and that was great and The Partner, The Husnad and I met for coffee at Touch of Madness later to discuss some business stuff and as you do with old friends just chat. I discovered something new, Book Crossing. The books at Touch of Madness are all book crossing books. The idea is simple. Take the book, read the book, enter the code inside the book to say you have it into the website. Pass on the book. Love it!

A new week this week, lets see what it holds. HAVE A FANTASTIC last week of May

Friday, May 21, 2010

Film Review Friday

Well last night wasnt movie night because Movie Buff is in Oz and no one organised an alternative on (I was too busy drinking brandy to organise anything)

So instead I will tell you about a movie I saw a week and a bit ago called KickAss

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a kids movie and that Hit Girl is my new favourite superhero

"Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero"

This movie is just plain fun. It has a little commentary on society and some feel good moments but mostly its fun. It's gory and pulls no punches. and I enjoyed every moment.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trade Post Thursday

Again, no badge yet but I will get to that. 

Today I would like you to meet Gabbi and Mischa:

These to beautiful ladies are the proud owners of AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium. Both are not just really sexy, wonderful human beings but well qualified and good at what they do. Both are qualified make-up and special effects artists and have worked on many shoots and events. Gabbi was the make-up artist at my wedding and did EVERYONE from the bride's maids to the Mother of the Bride to the Bride herself, I mean, myself. So I can vouch for her professionalism and style. 

Here is what the company is about:

Style is NOT about blending in! Real style is having the confidence to stand out of the crowd.
AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium's exclusive range of professional quality make-up, extravagant lashes and too-dye for hair accessories offers you the chance to do just that! Be it a demure darling, a feisty femme fetale or a sultry sex-kitten, let your sassy alter-ego come out to play....don't MISS out.
Our products include the Ooh La Lash lashes, professional quality TI Creative Styling hair irons and dryers ( sport new Tourmaline & negative ion technology, patented 96 ventilation holes, titanium plates and heat-adjusting...some come with matching real leather clutch purses). Imported New York cosmetic and hair range, Manic Panic, which includes top-quality, strong pigmented, brightly coloured make-up, vegan friendly semi-permanent hair dyes, temporary hair gels. clip-in hair pieces and washable synthetic wigs. Eyeshadows, glitters, hair pieces and dyes available in selected neon colours that glow under UV lights. Also Alila cosmetics for all little extras, such as little brushrolls to fit in your handbag, make-up fixatives and primers, foundation palettes and cosmetic cases.

What more could you want? Gorgeous colours, great accessories and BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY and VEGAN

Wednesday weight loss

I will work on a little title badge for these days when I have more time but for now you will just have to deal with the picture of my pretty face on the right :)

So the news is not so good as I put on weight BUT not by much only 200g(0.4lb) which means I am now 600g(1.3lb) away from losing the weight I put on over the stressful work week. I know where my faults were, starting with not tracking and ending with a rather large piece of cake. I however, am not going to break all the china, this is a long term journey and I will make my destination in the end.

So my plan for this week is to track, stay under my points and get back into exercise. MY back injury turns out to be just a twisted joint, she said its there where the dimples at the top of your bum are (she being the physio) so no slip disc, no major injury. I am super happy.

Gonna make sure I do a lot of core work as it will probably save me from back injury in the future too.

I think I also need to say how much weight I need to lose till my goal weight:
Current weight: 115.2kg (254lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 64.2kg (141.5lb)

I have set other goals along the way and have attached rewards to them:
100kg (220.5lb) = Lion's head moonlight walk
90kg (198.4lb) = Walking up Table Mountain from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens side
80kg (176.4lb) = Namibia 8 day hike and learning to run (pending physio approval)
70kg (154.3lb) = Skydive
60kg (132.3lb) = Begin designing a new wardrobe to be made by Secret Garden
51kg (112.4lb) = Get my very own steampunk outfit

It may be that when I reach 63kg (138.9lb) (the top of the healthy weight for my height range) I wont go any further but we will see then, it's still a way to go

Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting back to real life

I realise its been a while since I blogged. Its been madness on my side with our annual pageant happening where I get turned from a layout designer to a rough-about. Then straight into production for the magazine which was about 20% done and had to work overtime (till 1am) every night and weekends.

So firstly I want to state that this blog is changing direction. Not that I have many followers and that many people will care but I have decided to make this a general blog. There will be weightloss stuff and all of that.

I have decided to take a cue from my good friend and excellent blogger, photgrapher, mother and granmother Marcelle and add structure to my blog.

I dont know yet what to put in each day so will need suggestions. I will update the below list as I get suggestions or ideas:

Monday: The weekend that was (meant to be) - the weekend and how things went down compared to how they were planned. (Thank you Eve)
Tuesday: Trade post Tuesday - I have loads of friends starting their own business, or trying to find homes for their pets or something they need help with. Tuesday will be dedicated to that
Wednesday: Weight loss day - Tuesday night is weigh in so wed I will report back and talk about my week and stuff like that.
Thursday: Team up Thursday - Will be taking a pic in the week to match a theme, as will my partner and then will post it on my blog :)
Friday: Movie review day - Each Thursday night we go to a friend for movies, I will review the movie we see on the Friday

Please note weekends need to be low maintenance stuff as I will probably want to be lazy on weekends.

Also I would like to share my new look haircut with eveyone who hasnt seen my tweet or FB post :)