Monday, May 31, 2010

My weekend that was week 2

So as you could see, Thursday and Friday's posts were non existent. Well the reasons are simple, I had nothing to write about. No one wanted to use my blogspace to advertise and we didn't to see a movie on Thursday night.

Friday I cooked supper and you can follow the recipe adventure on my other blog: Add to taste. It took a lot longer then expected but it came out fantastic and everyone ate their fill.

Saturday The Partner was meant to come over to bake cookies that we could sell but she ended up spending the day with her sig-oth and I ended up meeting Princess Anie's new addition to the family while getting really slow and overwhelmed service from the staff at Millstone in Oude Moulen. Later on I was being fetched to The Physio's birthday The Physio and her husband. I was told they would miscall me when they were 5 mintues away so I could head out to meet them at security. I received a missed call SMS and ran straight for the gate, not checking the number. When I got there and saw that no one had arrived, then I checked my phone and saw it was actually The Husband who had tried to call me to let me know he was done working. I told him where to meet us and shortly after my lift arrived.

The boys went to watch the rugby at Woodstock lounge while the girls went for happy hour cocktails at Jamaica me Crazy. 3 cocktails and lots of giggles later (it amazes me that I can switch from being uber bouncy fan girl to laughing at the uber bouncy fan boys,e specially while slightly warmed by my liquid refreshment). Sorry that the Stormers had lost but proud that they got as far as they did and that they were not completely trampled by the bulls.

We then headed off for sushi at 1890 House. Consistently good sushi at consistently good prices, you know you have been to a place too often when they waiter gives you a hug when you arrive. Had delicious fish, champagne and plenty of water. Then home James, with a detour past Woodstock lounge, apparently The Husband put down a bet that the score will be 27 -17 to the bulls, to collect some winnings.

Saturday morning bright and early The Partner arrived and we started our first tandem baking adventure. We went shopping for the few things we were missing and then got to work. We spent the whole day working in my tiny kitchen and didn't bump into each other or spoil each others work or anything of the sort. Later we went for supper at my mom's and in her huge kitchen we kept knocking each other, and all we were doing was eating. The evening ended off with an episode of knightrider and Angels and Daemons and then off to bed.

Ah and also, if you want to see the result of the baking check out
Goodbye Hello Kitty

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