Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday weight loss

I will work on a little title badge for these days when I have more time but for now you will just have to deal with the picture of my pretty face on the right :)

So the news is not so good as I put on weight BUT not by much only 200g(0.4lb) which means I am now 600g(1.3lb) away from losing the weight I put on over the stressful work week. I know where my faults were, starting with not tracking and ending with a rather large piece of cake. I however, am not going to break all the china, this is a long term journey and I will make my destination in the end.

So my plan for this week is to track, stay under my points and get back into exercise. MY back injury turns out to be just a twisted joint, she said its there where the dimples at the top of your bum are (she being the physio) so no slip disc, no major injury. I am super happy.

Gonna make sure I do a lot of core work as it will probably save me from back injury in the future too.

I think I also need to say how much weight I need to lose till my goal weight:
Current weight: 115.2kg (254lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 64.2kg (141.5lb)

I have set other goals along the way and have attached rewards to them:
100kg (220.5lb) = Lion's head moonlight walk
90kg (198.4lb) = Walking up Table Mountain from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens side
80kg (176.4lb) = Namibia 8 day hike and learning to run (pending physio approval)
70kg (154.3lb) = Skydive
60kg (132.3lb) = Begin designing a new wardrobe to be made by Secret Garden
51kg (112.4lb) = Get my very own steampunk outfit

It may be that when I reach 63kg (138.9lb) (the top of the healthy weight for my height range) I wont go any further but we will see then, it's still a way to go


  1. I think that goal weight is too low for you. You haven't got the smallest bone structure. Was your bone structure taken into account by the people who identifies your goal weight?

    I think you would look perfect at 60kg.

  2. Liek I showed you in the book. For my height its anywhere from 51kg to 63kg. I am aiming for the lowest and see where I go from there