Monday, August 24, 2009

day 21: Rest day and more Con

Breakfast: pita bread with mature cheddar. Monster energy drink
Snack: baked pretzels
Lunch: nando's chicken liver starter and 3 wings
Snack: mac and cheese
Supper: monster energy drink, nando's chicken burger 1 slice of bread with cheese

More con. For lunch I ordered with my eyes and with my old appetite. I ate only half of my order for lunch and kept the other half for supper.

Not much sleep was had this weekend, hence all the energy drinks

Day 20: Rest and Con day

Breakfast: cappuccino muffin and low fat choc milk
Snack: hot dog and wine gums
Lunch: sushi roll platter
Snack: crackers and a monster energy drink
Supper: 2 mini frikadels, 2 chicken nuggets, 2 chicken meat balls, 2 mini quiches.

First day of dragonfire and as predicted the eating was naughty. Oh well, I resigned myself to this when I signed up

Day 19: Rest day

First off my food diary for today:
Breakfast: all bran + granola with low fat milk
Snack: hot chocolate with cream
Lunch: 1/2 portion spinach and feta lasagne
Snack: pVM bar
Supper: I dont remember, there was challa but other then that...(no I forgot to write it down, bad hila

Spent the day running around town, looking at wedding venues and going to the waterfront.

Day 18: Exercise Day

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: peanut butter and honey on low gi
Snack: PvM bar
Lunch: boiled egg and avo on low gi
Snack: mineola
Supper: rump steak and wedges

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
4 laps of track
6 stations 2 mins each,
2.Track (I did bike instead)
3.Shuttles (I did lunges instead)
5.Ladder and jog (I did squats)
Mat work between each station, 3 of these 2 sets of 15
Mat Work:
Ankle taps
Back extensions
Side plank
Leg abduction
Oblique tilts
90 degree crunches
Roll ups
Bicycle crunches
Modified crunches
0-45-90 crunches
Toe touches
Static holds
Cross body crunches
Back extension progressions
cool down stretches

Total workout time: 01:07:05
Max HR: 170
Avg HR: 132
Total Calories burned: 534 (50% fat)

A friend came to stay with us from JHB and the weekend was spend roleplaying at a con so bad bad Hila for the next couple of posts

Day 17: Exercise Day

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: all bran flakes + granola with low fat milk
Snack: yogbar
Lunch: peanut butter sandwhich
Snack: peanuts and biltong
Supper: baked meatballs, rice and salad

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
5 min bike
We did 2 circuits, cardio in between, ab work and cardio to cool down. Each exercise lasted for 45 seconds
Circuit #1:
Pezzi roll ups
Lateral step overs on airex
Russian twists
Quick steps
Rocket bag squats
Stretch cable squats
Circuit #2:
Hedgehog bridging (supine)
Close grip push ups on airex
Calf raises
Band pull
Isometric wall squat
Stretch cable bicep curls
Cross body crunches
Static ab hold
cool down stretches

Total workout time: 01:17:10
Max HR: 178
Avg HR: 140
Total Calories burned: 693 (45% fat)

Quick note

to say sorry to those who follow my blog and havent seen anything of late. I am going to be doing a bulk update.

I guess blogging is something you do in waves, which is easier to handle when you are not doing a set day by day update and is felt quite pointedly when the kind of blog is one that is supposed to be updated every day

So I am sorry. Hopefully I dont do this again.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 16: walk in the woods day

First off my food diary for today:
Breakfast: 3/4 cup of oats, 1/2 cup milk and 1 ts butter
Snack: raw peanuts and biltong
Lunch: left over spagbol
Snack: raw peanuts and biltong
Supper: 4 tuna and prawn rainbow rolls, 1 tuna handroll, 1 prawn handroll, 2 pc tuna sashimi, 2 piece tuna nigiri, 1 veg california roll, 4 tuna and prawn california rolls, 2 inari, 4 tamago.

Todays exercise:
We went for a walk outside. Up deer park drive into deer park, across to what used to e there reservoir there when I was at school.

My stats for today:
Total workout time: 00:38:34
Max HR: 166
Avg HR: 129
Total Calories burned: 298 (50% fat)

This week I have taken on the Operation Fat Blasters misssion to do something new 3 times. Walking or working out outside was what I picked and today was the first of the 3. Unfortunately the weather is not playing along and since the evening it has been pissing rain. Will see what the rest of the week is like

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 15: Exercise Day and Weigh-in

Week 2 roundup:
total training days: 4
total training hours: 3:57:52
total calories burned: 2378

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: peanut butter and jam on low GI bread
Snack: Clementine
Lunch: 1 cup leak and potato soup with 2 slices of bread
Snack: raw peanuts
Supper: 2 pc tuna nigiri, 4 pc rainbow roll, 3 piece omlette roll, 1 tuna handroll, 1 tamago nigiri, 2 pc inari with tamago

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
10 minute cycyle on lvl 2 and 3
warm up stretches

Each station lasted 40 seconns, we did the stations twice with 4 laps around the curcuit between them
Station 1: squats
Station 2: sit to stand with sponge under feet
Station 3: tricep dips
Station 4: push ups
Station 5: step ups with front and lateral dumbbell lifts
Station 6: step ups onto bosu ball with bicep curls
Station 7: modified crunches
Station 8: calf raises
After the second set we did 5 minuts on the bike at lvl3

Core Mat Work
12 x modified crunches
12 x back extentions
12 x ankle taps
12 x "reaching for your shoelaces" (dunno what they called)
12 x 0° crunches
12 x 45° crunches
12 x 90° crunches
30 second plank
15 second side plan (on each side)
12 x cross body crunches

Cool Down
4 laps around track
cool down stretches

It was a great workout. Lots of fun. My stats for today:
Total workout time: 01:15:44
Max HR: 177
Avg HR: 148
Total Calories burned: 744 (40% fat)

We also had our assessment today and I have lost another 600g which brings my total weightloss since starting the program to 1.9kg

yay me and here is to another fantastic week!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 14: rest day (read: ate too much day)

First off my food diary for today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs on a bagel
Snack: puff pastry pocked filled with spinach and brie
Lunch: springbok hind leg, courgettes, carrots, sweetpotatoes, cranberrie and apple jam, baby new potatoes, greenbeams, chicken liver pate and peppermint crisp tart
Snack: popcorn
Supper: none

Sunday was bad eating wise, we were supposed to go out for breakfast too but our guests got food poisoning so we skipped that evilness. My scrambled eggs at home we much healthier. Then we went to freinds for lunch. In all fairness to them the dessert was of my making although I used a lot less caramel treat then normally used but it was a decedant and evil dessert. I expect tomorrows weigh in to be up and not down just from what I ate last night and today.

Day 13: Seminar and own exercise day

First off my food diary for today:
Breakfast: herbalife shake with blanched almonds
Snack: 2 fruit snacks
Lunch: smoked chicken on low gi bread with mustard
Snack: cashew nuts and chips
Supper: 4 slices home baked bread (baked by me) 2 with homemade pate (made by me) and 2 with avo. (weekends still remain a difficult time to break the habit of eating wrong. Its a little like smoking)

Todays exercise:
Warm up:
7 minutes on the bike
2 sets of:
12 push ups
12 back extensions
12 pull downs
12 squats
12 crunches

21 - 18 - 15 of
Station 1: deadlifts (20kg)
Station 2: dumbell swings (10kg)
Station 3: push ups
each set was followed by 2 minutes on the treadmill at speed 5.5
Cool Down
7 minutes on the treadmill
cool down stretches

My stats for today:
Total workout time: 00:49:12
Max HR: 186
Avg HR: 151
Total Calories burned: 503 (40% fat)

From next week I am going to seeif I can add something on sundays. Next weekend is dragonfire. Will have to gym early in the morning to get something in but it's worth it.

The seminar at Sport's science was very intresting. I was told things I already knew and some things I didnt know. What it did bring to light is how much misinformation people have about what they are doing.

day 12: Rest day

First off My food diary for today:
Breakfast: yogisip (I get the ones in the carton, they just seem so much more satisfying)
Snack: yogbar
Lunch: smoked chicken on low gi bread with mustard
Snack: yogbar
Supper: minestrone soup (i didnt take pictures but I will give you the recipe soon), bolognese with pasta shells, 1 baked apple (will give the recipe too for this great dessert)

I am trying my best to make every meal better. Even if we eat more in that meal then we are meant to I try to make so its not as fatty as it used to be. Friday nights are a classic example. We will have big meal on friday night because that is the tradition but it doesnt mean it has to be decadent to the point of fattyness.

day 11: exercise day

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: peanutbutter and hoeny on low gi
Snack: 2 rusks
Lunch: 3 tuna roses, 4 tuna nigiri, 3 tuna sashimi, 6 tuna maki,2 veg california, 2 inari
Snack: yogbar
Supper: Vitality meal

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
6 laps of track (fast straights, slow bends)
warm up stretches

3 stations, 5 minutes at each station and ab workout between.
Station 1: Stepping (Varied intensity)
Station 2: 20m Shuttles (Jogging or Brisk Walking)
Station 3: Cycling (Level 2 >75 RPM)
When we were done with all the stations we did them again but 2 minutes each and with upped intensity
Abdominal Conditioning:
each exercise was 3 sets of 15 reps
exercise 1: modified crunches
exercise 2: back extensions
exercise 3: ankle taps
exercise 4: 3 way crunches (hands between legs, hands at 45° and hands at 90°)
exercise 5: cycling crunches

Cool Down
6 laps of track (fast straights, slow bends)I did this part on the bycicle. Just followed my sister. When she ran I brought my revs up over 90rpm and when she walked I cycled at over 70RPM
cool down stretches

Claudia did the workout today and she was fun. Energetic and encouraging.
My stats for today:
Total workout time: 00:55:11
Max HR: 187
Avg HR: 151
Total Calories burned: 564 (40% fat)

Movie night was fun. The movie was craptastic so we MST3ked it. Was good having a new person there too.