Monday, August 3, 2009

day 11: exercise day

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: peanutbutter and hoeny on low gi
Snack: 2 rusks
Lunch: 3 tuna roses, 4 tuna nigiri, 3 tuna sashimi, 6 tuna maki,2 veg california, 2 inari
Snack: yogbar
Supper: Vitality meal

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
6 laps of track (fast straights, slow bends)
warm up stretches

3 stations, 5 minutes at each station and ab workout between.
Station 1: Stepping (Varied intensity)
Station 2: 20m Shuttles (Jogging or Brisk Walking)
Station 3: Cycling (Level 2 >75 RPM)
When we were done with all the stations we did them again but 2 minutes each and with upped intensity
Abdominal Conditioning:
each exercise was 3 sets of 15 reps
exercise 1: modified crunches
exercise 2: back extensions
exercise 3: ankle taps
exercise 4: 3 way crunches (hands between legs, hands at 45° and hands at 90°)
exercise 5: cycling crunches

Cool Down
6 laps of track (fast straights, slow bends)I did this part on the bycicle. Just followed my sister. When she ran I brought my revs up over 90rpm and when she walked I cycled at over 70RPM
cool down stretches

Claudia did the workout today and she was fun. Energetic and encouraging.
My stats for today:
Total workout time: 00:55:11
Max HR: 187
Avg HR: 151
Total Calories burned: 564 (40% fat)

Movie night was fun. The movie was craptastic so we MST3ked it. Was good having a new person there too.

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