Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 13: Seminar and own exercise day

First off my food diary for today:
Breakfast: herbalife shake with blanched almonds
Snack: 2 fruit snacks
Lunch: smoked chicken on low gi bread with mustard
Snack: cashew nuts and chips
Supper: 4 slices home baked bread (baked by me) 2 with homemade pate (made by me) and 2 with avo. (weekends still remain a difficult time to break the habit of eating wrong. Its a little like smoking)

Todays exercise:
Warm up:
7 minutes on the bike
2 sets of:
12 push ups
12 back extensions
12 pull downs
12 squats
12 crunches

21 - 18 - 15 of
Station 1: deadlifts (20kg)
Station 2: dumbell swings (10kg)
Station 3: push ups
each set was followed by 2 minutes on the treadmill at speed 5.5
Cool Down
7 minutes on the treadmill
cool down stretches

My stats for today:
Total workout time: 00:49:12
Max HR: 186
Avg HR: 151
Total Calories burned: 503 (40% fat)

From next week I am going to seeif I can add something on sundays. Next weekend is dragonfire. Will have to gym early in the morning to get something in but it's worth it.

The seminar at Sport's science was very intresting. I was told things I already knew and some things I didnt know. What it did bring to light is how much misinformation people have about what they are doing.

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