Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 15: Exercise Day and Weigh-in

Week 2 roundup:
total training days: 4
total training hours: 3:57:52
total calories burned: 2378

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: peanut butter and jam on low GI bread
Snack: Clementine
Lunch: 1 cup leak and potato soup with 2 slices of bread
Snack: raw peanuts
Supper: 2 pc tuna nigiri, 4 pc rainbow roll, 3 piece omlette roll, 1 tuna handroll, 1 tamago nigiri, 2 pc inari with tamago

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
10 minute cycyle on lvl 2 and 3
warm up stretches

Each station lasted 40 seconns, we did the stations twice with 4 laps around the curcuit between them
Station 1: squats
Station 2: sit to stand with sponge under feet
Station 3: tricep dips
Station 4: push ups
Station 5: step ups with front and lateral dumbbell lifts
Station 6: step ups onto bosu ball with bicep curls
Station 7: modified crunches
Station 8: calf raises
After the second set we did 5 minuts on the bike at lvl3

Core Mat Work
12 x modified crunches
12 x back extentions
12 x ankle taps
12 x "reaching for your shoelaces" (dunno what they called)
12 x 0° crunches
12 x 45° crunches
12 x 90° crunches
30 second plank
15 second side plan (on each side)
12 x cross body crunches

Cool Down
4 laps around track
cool down stretches

It was a great workout. Lots of fun. My stats for today:
Total workout time: 01:15:44
Max HR: 177
Avg HR: 148
Total Calories burned: 744 (40% fat)

We also had our assessment today and I have lost another 600g which brings my total weightloss since starting the program to 1.9kg

yay me and here is to another fantastic week!


  1. Congrats!!!
    PS: You eat a lot of Sushi! I know a good shrink ;)

  2. I love sushi so I eat a lot it. I love chinese too but I cant eat a lot of it cause they use a f*ckton of oil when making it :)

  3. To answer your question...of course I use a heart rate monitor...and polar as well...I'm a trainer remember, I know its the only way to get a true reading...LOL.