Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting back to real life

I realise its been a while since I blogged. Its been madness on my side with our annual pageant happening where I get turned from a layout designer to a rough-about. Then straight into production for the magazine which was about 20% done and had to work overtime (till 1am) every night and weekends.

So firstly I want to state that this blog is changing direction. Not that I have many followers and that many people will care but I have decided to make this a general blog. There will be weightloss stuff and all of that.

I have decided to take a cue from my good friend and excellent blogger, photgrapher, mother and granmother Marcelle and add structure to my blog.

I dont know yet what to put in each day so will need suggestions. I will update the below list as I get suggestions or ideas:

Monday: The weekend that was (meant to be) - the weekend and how things went down compared to how they were planned. (Thank you Eve)
Tuesday: Trade post Tuesday - I have loads of friends starting their own business, or trying to find homes for their pets or something they need help with. Tuesday will be dedicated to that
Wednesday: Weight loss day - Tuesday night is weigh in so wed I will report back and talk about my week and stuff like that.
Thursday: Team up Thursday - Will be taking a pic in the week to match a theme, as will my partner and then will post it on my blog :)
Friday: Movie review day - Each Thursday night we go to a friend for movies, I will review the movie we see on the Friday

Please note weekends need to be low maintenance stuff as I will probably want to be lazy on weekends.

Also I would like to share my new look haircut with eveyone who hasnt seen my tweet or FB post :)



  1. You are to be admired for making an effort to structure things. I work on the fling-things-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks methodology myself. Perhaps it is being MoodyEve and prone to moods,perhaps it is general laziness, me, I choose to blame my meds.

  2. I love the hair and I am excited to read another blog like Marcelles!! I love the new idea she came up with. I agree with Sat. and Sun. I dont usually blog bc I want that to be family time.

  3. Welcome back and I LOVE the new hairdo!
    Yeah, I've played with the idea of structuring my blog too but still trying to figure it out how and the what. But that is a good idea, and it sounds like a good plan that you've come up with. I look forward to it.
    Keep blogging on!