Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weightloss Wednesday

So I have an idea for a badge and I have asked a fantasticly talented friend to help me.

Last nights weigh in wasnt too bad. I havent moved. Still the same weight. I managed to track most days which isnt ideal but its better then not tracking at all. Once I  am back in the habit I will be doing it regularly and I know if I track consistently and accurately I can lose the weight.

I have gone to gym 3 days in a row now (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and today I am taking a break. If the weather stays as it is I may take my mom and the dogs down to the beachfront for a walk this evening but otherwise I need a rest day. The reason is simple: The fitness you gain in 3 weeks of exercise is marginal compared to the fitness you lose when you dont exercise for 3 weeks. The Husband suggested I do 3 days in a row for a while till my fitness is back up to the point where I can handle 5 days in a row like I used to.

My trainer is sick so I had a lesson in pushing myself last night. I followed the routine he did with me last Thursday which was 20min of cardio, stretching then core exercises and then finish off the 45 minutes with cardio (from next week I will be back up to an hour). So I did 20 min on the elliptical (currently the one cardio machine I can really push on without hurting my back) then did my stretches. I did my balance exercise byt standing on an overturned bosu ball with my eyes closed for as much of it as possible. Then I did 90° crunches iwth a 1kg medicine ball between my legs. I did 5 of them while holding the crunch each time for 10 counts. Then 5 crunches, holding th medicine ball out in front of me also holding the crunch for 10 counts. I then did the plank for 1 minute and I felt it wasnt enough, so I did an exercise where you hold the plank position and tap a ball in front of you with alternating hands, I did 15 taps.

I finished off on the treadmill. Now most of you already know I have a shin splint problem so I cannot run, at least not at my current weight. A few weeks ago I decided to do a little experiment as the top speed I can go on the treadmill does not raise my heart rate up enough. SO I dropped the speed and upped the incline. At the moment my maximum is a 13° incline at speed 4.

I have set some goals for the next couple of weeks that I think will help me get out of this rut I find myself in. Firstly back to limiting my salt. Portion control!! I have lost my way here and its time to get back to that. In addition The Husband and I have decided that June is "No Bread Month". We are not cutting out carbs or starches, just bread.

Current weight: 115.2kg (254lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 64.2kg (141.5lb)

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