Monday, May 24, 2010

My weekend that was

This weekend wend more or less as planned. Nothing completely off track but there were some moments of madness I can share.

Friday was nothing exciting really and everything went as it was meant to, except that last minute I was sent to do the shopping. I discovered to my great glee that the Garden Center PnP and woolies are open till 9pm!!

Saturday was full of adventure. I went to Truth Coffee Cult in the morning and bought coffee for my sister and I, then to Marcelino's to buy bread, but it was too early for bread so I went to drop off the coffee and came back for the bread. Later we went flat hunting. This is where things got interesting. We went with an estate agent from the Table View Remax Associates, named Derek Ghol. He showed us one flat inside and out and then moved onto the next where he was unable to get hold of the tenant so showed us the flat from the outside. The third block of flats he took us to he just pointed at the general block, said "they all look the same from the outside, its 2 bedrooms but very compact" we said thank you, took his card and when he asked if he could contact us if he had any more my moms aid he was welcome to as long as we could see inside, to which he replied in a huffy, sulky voice "If you're going to be stroppy then forget about!" then under his breath "I have good properties" as he stormed off to his car and drove off. I am still in shock.

Later we went to see a private sale and I think we may have found out first home.

That evening my sister and I went to watch The Stormers at newlands. wow wow wow that was a fantastic experience and I really didnt expect my sister to be such an awesome person to watch it with, she normally doesnt watch with us when we watch on TV. She was the best best best partner.

The next morning I was up early for some ungodly reason and decided that I should take the opportunity to plan my morning to go to gym before going for coffee with a friend. Gym went well and the coffee was fantastic. This friend has lost 42kilos!! very very inspiring.

The rest of the days went quietly. The Husband was meant to work last night but didnt and that was great and The Partner, The Husnad and I met for coffee at Touch of Madness later to discuss some business stuff and as you do with old friends just chat. I discovered something new, Book Crossing. The books at Touch of Madness are all book crossing books. The idea is simple. Take the book, read the book, enter the code inside the book to say you have it into the website. Pass on the book. Love it!

A new week this week, lets see what it holds. HAVE A FANTASTIC last week of May


  1. I am so interested to read your progress and the fun you are having getting healthy and fit. You have my support in this - I have fought the battle and won, and so can you.