Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 9: Rest Day

Food Diary
Breakfast: 1 peanut butter and jam sandwich
Snack: 30g dried apple and mango
Lunch: Salad with avo and haloumi
Snack: 50g gummi bears
Supper: approx. 120g steak and a medium baked potato with yoghurt and chives (recipe to follow when I find my camera cable)

Took a rest day today. Was busy with helping Jack spread the word about his business and getting some stuff done in that regard. I will add more workout days as the weeks go on but I also need to not injure myself.

Tomorrow, hopefully, will be fun. I enjoy the SSISA workouts and its fun training as a group.

Weightloss Tip #2

Keep a Food Diary

Most people are probably going "yes, yes I know this one" but let me tell you why I think this time its working:

1. Seeing things written down always makes the more real. If you havent written it down then that slice of cake or double cheese burger can easily never have existed.

2.Be 100% honest or it wont work. The idea is to show yourself exactly where you are going wrong so you can change the way you eat. If you cheat you are only cheating yourself.

3. If you know what you've eaten you know how hard you have to work at gym.

4. Having a history shows you exactly how far you have come :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 8: Exercise day and Weigh-in

Today is monday and my nifty HR monitor gives me a weekly roundup every monday, so every monday I will blog it.

Week 1 roundup:
total training days: 4
total training hours: 3:22:38
total calories burned: 1872

My food diary for today:
Breakfast: 1 cup millie-pap, 1tsp butter, 1/2 cup milk
Snack: 30g dried apple
Lunch: 1 tuna handroll, 4 pcs spicey tuna inside out, 6 pcs rainbow roll (tuna out, prawn in)
Snack: 1/2 cup pickled beetroot
Supper: 2 pcs prawn inside out, 2 pcs tuna inside out, 3 pcs tuna bamboo roll, 48 pieces rainbow roll (4 with tuna in and prawn out and 4 with tuna out and prawn in)

Tonights exercise:
Warm up:
10 minute walk around the track
warm up stretches

Station 1: Alternate Front-Lateral Raises
Station 2: Alternating Arm lifts
Station 3: Calf Raises
Station 4: Stretch Cable Bicep Curls
Station 5: Cycle
Station 6: Stretch Cable row
Station 7: Squats
Station 8: Tricep dips
Station 9: Sit-to-Stands
Station 10: Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Station 11: Straight leg Raises
Every 3rd station, walk 1 lap and a water break.

We did one full circuit and then 2 more stations.

Core Mat Work
10 x modified crunches
10 x 90° crunches
20 x ankle taps

Cool Down
3 laps around track
cool down stretches

It was a great workout. Lots of fun. My stats for today:
Total workout time: 01:04:19
Max HR: 180
Avg HR: 143
Total Calories burned: 594 (45% fat)

We also had our assessment today and I have lost another 800g which brings my total weightloss since starting the program to 1.3kg Thats almost 3 blocks of butter.

yay me and here is to another fantastic week!

Weight-loss tip

As I come across tips that help me with my process I will post them here to help those follwoing me too.

Today's tip is:
Slice your fruit up

There are several reasons and I discover more every so often from other people who use the tip:

1. It's easier to eat with 1 hand. A lot of the time we pick snacks that are easy to eat while we work, packet of chips, buscuits, etc. Small things you can use one hand to eat. So make your fruit easy to eat.

2. Less messy. If you orange is already cut up, your apple already slices or your naartjie already segmented you are unlikely to make a mess on your desk. No juices dripping down your chin as you take a bite. No rind stuck under your fingernails.

3. This one courtesy of *trix . Cutting them into certain shapes that mimic other junk foods. For example, slice your apple thinly like chips.

Day 7: rest day

I think I will blog in the evenings from now on so each day has its diary and exercise

Sundays food diary:

Breakfast: 1 cup plain yoghurt, 1 tbls almonds, 1 tbls cranberries, 1 tbls honey
Snack: Grannysmith apple
Lunch: sandwitch with avo
snack: pickled beetroot
Supper: Chinese style noodles with chicken, sugersnaps, baby corn, spring onion, red peppers and almonds

Did lots of sitting on the couch and watching torchwood and not much else. Feeling sorry for myself because its that time of the month. I didnt do the "I am bored lets eat everything in the house" thing I usually do on days like that so it was a positive day in the end :)

Day 6: rest day but we did something

Lets begin with the usual, friday's food diary:

Breakfast: 2 half moons (I over slept so had to grab what I could find)
Snack: none
Lunch: bagel with peanust butter,2 half moons and mini pie (friday isnt looking too good)
Snack: koeksiter, clementine and a bagel chip
supper 1 bowl of hummus, mince, tahina and chick peas. tbls olive oil and 2 pita breads. 1 small slice custard tart

Saturday was a rush in the morning again. But w made it just in time. We had a great brocha sponsored by my dad and then went to gym.

Saturday's food diary:

Breakfast: blueberrie muffin
Snack: 1 piece of quiche and 1 piece of cheesecake (the only things from the brocha that were not fish)
Lunch: 1/4 cup baked beans and 2 medium boiled eggs
Snack: 2 zinger iwngs, 5 strawberries, 5 sugarsnaps, 2 mini corns
Supper: 1/4 chicken from nando's and 5 chips

It has been a while since I trained with Jack but it was good. we did:

10 minute warm up (5 minutes on lvl3, 4 minutes on lvl5, 1 minute lvl2)
warm up stretches
50 x
pull downs
step ups
push presses
dead lifts
ab exercises

2 laps around the pool (walking) to coool down
cool down stretches

we did 43 minutes and 11 seconds, burnt 430cal (of which 40% was fat)and my avg heart rate was 150bpm(185bpm was my max)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5: Rest day

Naughty Hila not blogging on the weekend. But it was a busy and I was lazy. So here are Thursdays things first:

Food Diary:
Breakfast: 3/4 cup oats, 1 tbs honey, 1 tbs milk
Snack: Koeksister (the muslim kind) and a chilli bite
Lunch: Greek Salad, 1/2 pizza bianca
Snack: none
Supper: 2 bagels, 1 with rare roast beef, mustard and pickles. 1 split in half 1 side feta and 1 side avo, 2 chilli bitesm 1 samoosa 1 half moon and 1 koeksister

I drank 2 glasses of tab, 1 Ice tea, 1l water

The workout was awesome, it was our first full work out:

Cycling (10 min)
Start @ Level 2 RPM >75 for 2min – After 2min increase to Level 3 for 30sec

Stretching Routine

Strength and Conditioning:

Exercise 1: 1 min
Band Pull
Modified Crunches 2 x 15

Exercise 2: 1 min
90 Degree Crunches 2 x 15

Exercise 3: 1 min
Band Shoulder Flexion
Ankle Taps 2 x 15

Exercise 4: 1 min
Side Lying Leg Abduction
Back Extensions 2 x 15

Exercise 5: 1 min
Tricep Dips
Bicycle Crunches 1 x 30s

Exercise 6: 1 min
Push-Ups Tri-angle
45 deg crunches 2 x 15

Exercise 7: 1 min
Band Lat Pulldown

2 Laps Between Each Pair of Exercises

Cardiovascular Cool-Down:
2 Laps Track


The exercise lasted 1 houre, 16 minutes and 33 seconds. I burned 701cal of which 45% was fat and my avg heart rate was 142bpm(180bpm was my max).

We also had out weigh in and I am happy to say I lost 500g

friday was an easy day, went to the hairdresser to have my hair made pretty for Jack's big day, then went on shopping errands with my mom.

Came home and had lunch and played a little on the PC till Jack came back, then continued to play on the PC. We went to the synagoge and watched the lovely ceremony, followed by the regular synagoge service. It was really nice having the whole family there :)

Supper was Jack's favourite. Hummus with meat. Followed by an evil custard tart (I only had a small piece but a full food diary will be in the next post)

It was good to have a day off, after 2 days of exercising with only a bit of walikng around in sea point.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 4: Exercise Day and Weigh in

My food diary for yesterday looks like this:

Breakfast - 1slice of pumpkin and sesame seed rye & sourdough mix bread with an avo and boiled egg mush (I made a whole sandwich with 2 slices but could only finish half)
Snack - Greek Salad
Lunch - Chicken breast with pineapple and chips(I know I shouldn't have but they were crispy and there)
Supper - 4pc Rainbow Roll (tuna out, prawn in), 2pc tuna sashimi, 2 tuna handrolls, 1 inari nigiri with tamago ontop.

I got through about 2l of water.

Yesterdays workout was fun but easy:
We did what they call a 12 minute motion tests. Fro 12 minutes you walk/run around a track and count how many laps you do and they calculate how many km's you did. Then at the end of the program you do that again. I cannot walk/run for extended periods because of shin splints so I got to hop on a bike and ride. Covered 8,35km in the 12 minutes which apparently isnt bad. We did some stretches and then went to the blue floor and did some exercises.

First was 2 sets of 15 "sit to stands". It is what it says it is , you sit and stand. All the while keeping your tummy tucked in or activate your stomach muscles , chin up, chest out, bum out and head straight.

This was followed by 2 sets of 15 "sitting leg raises". Which again is exactly what is says. You bend one leg and straighten out the other, then in the same activated position from the previous exercise you lift your straight leg off the floor and go up and dopwn keeping it from touching the floor.

These were followed by 2 set of 15 calf raises. 1 set done with feet parallel and 1 set split into 5 with pigeon toes, 5 with parallell feet and 5 with "duck" feet.

We went back to the sit to stands and the sitting leg raises and did 1 superset of 20 each (20 sit to stands and 20 each leg for the sitting leg raises)

We then pop down on the mats and did a diffrent kind of leg raise whose name I cannot remember. Basically though you lie on your side, the leg at the bottom gets bent and the leg ontop is straight and slightly infront of the leg thats bent. You lift that leg and there are 3 possible actions: move, hold and pulse. I think these were the ones I felt the most, although I had to go into the hardest position to feel it.

We then got hold of some terrabands wich are just long pieces of rubber.

The first 2 sets of 15 we held the bands horizontally at shoulder width, in the activated position and pull your arms as far apart (obviously keeping form). The second 2 sets of 15, 1 on each leg, you place the one side of the band on the floor and step on it. The other side you roll up till there is tention in it when your arm is relaces and then you lift your arm to shoulder height.

To cool down when walked twice around the track (I can walk to cool down) and some stretches.

I forgot to metion that when we go thtere I hopped on a bike already while waiting for the Bio to arrive so the whole workout lasted 1 hour (I paused my HR monitor while he explained the 12 minute motion) and I burned 569cal (45% of which were fat)

Yes, we had sushi for supper again. It really works out cheaper then cooking and especially with limiting our intake.

Today I spend the day with skylark. I dont know what we are going to do other then going to buy things for the Deli dinner we are having tonight. Will keep you posted cause tonight we are exercising and doing a weigh in.

Day 3: Exercise Day

So to finish off Day 2 first:

My food diary looks like this:

Breakfast - 1 cup all bran + granola, 1 cup milk
Snack - 1 Grannysmith apple (will teach you a trick later)
Lunch - Tuna pasta (recipe later)
Snack - 1 piece of biltong, 1 decedant hot chocolate (oops!), 1 small piece of rye bread, chilli and lime nachos and feta guac (waiting for supper to be ready)
Supper - mince and veg pasta bake and a tomato, lettuce and feta salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing (*trix made it, yum yum)

I got through about 2l of water.

We never did any exersise, instead we sat at home tilla bout 2:30 then took a drive out to Paarl long the R300. Stopped at fairview for coffee (I planned to have tea, meanwhilke Jack ordered me a decadent Hot Chocolate) and bought a loaf of sesame and pumpkin seed rye, sourdough mix. We visited Jack's cousin on Picardie Guest Farm and chatted till about 6 then headed off to *trix's for supper.

It was a great night chatting to friends about anything and everything and as usual had to pull ourselves away from conversation, holding onto it till we stepped over the threshold. The silly body corporate in their block say the gate locks at 11:00 but we discovered it actually locks at 10:30 so had a nice brisk walk in the chilled air.

It was a nice day.

Today has been a busy day. This morning Jack had the final stage of his conversion test and it went very well. We said the blessing for good news and then went to the waterfront to check mail and do some essentials shopping. From there we went to town to get Jack's tourism card and while he did that I popped into Jewel Tree to chat to Peter about my wedding band. Jack came in and conversation about the economy followed.

From there we went to house of monatic to find a nice pair of pants for Jack and then off to plumstead where we went to meet some friends for a light lunch.

All the while I have been pulling my pants up. I need to take them to a seemstress to have the belt rings fixed(they broke from pulling up so much) and have an elastic put in

Now I am waiting to be dropped off at my parents so we can go to gym :)

Tomorrow I spend the day with skylark...sooooooooooo excited :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2: Non program day

So to finish off Day 1 first:

My food diary looks like this:

Breakfast - 2/3 of a cup of cooked oats, 1 tbls honey, 1 tbls milk
Snack - 2 pieces (30g) dried peaches
Lunch - Shaved chicken on Low Gi bread
Snack - protein bar
Supper - 8 pieces tuna rainbow roll with prawn inside, 1 handroll, 3 pieces omlette roll, 2 pieces inari with tamago on top. 1 piece of tuna sashimi

I got through about 2l of water.

For those of you who have seen me eat sushi, it may suprised you how restrained I was with my sushi. Only 5 plates.

the workout last night was brief. There was a lot more talking about the program, introductions and the like so we only got in 19 minutes of exercise, 10 minutes on the bike and 2 sets of modified crunches. still 172 calories is not nothing so a little bit was done.

Chad our bio kenetisist is very enthusiastic and nice and it should be fun having someone training us.

The group is varied, from people who NEED to lose the weight to people who want to. Some very interesting cases around.

Onward to today:

We were supposed to go play in the snow but my sister called a very irrate restaurant owner last night out ceres way and he told her there was no snow. So we need to find something elkse to do. We will likely go to gym (although the bike the have at SSISA mad me sore *down there*). Even though we have planned sessions 3 times a week, we are going to try and increase that on our own to get better results.

After all my goal is to lose between 7 and 10kg and whole lot of cm

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1: 1st Exercise Day

Today is the 1st day of a 8 week program I signed up for. The Healthy Weight program from the Sports Science institute did some wonderful things for the rest of the family and so this time around when they asked me to join them I said yes. After all I have a wedding dress to fit into next year.

This blog is going to be about the program, what we do, what I eat, recipes and general other stuff because I believe mood has a lot to do with my eating habit and so it will also give me a way to look back and track my mood through the process.

Tonight we have our first exercise session and it should be interesting to try something new. I also took a trip down to my local PnP to stock up on healthy snacks and lunch foods.

I have discovered now that 1 cup of cooked oats is too much for me, which kinda makes me happy. I didnt add butter to them either because I am saving my far servings for tonight, for sushi.

Wish me luck