Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3: Exercise Day

So to finish off Day 2 first:

My food diary looks like this:

Breakfast - 1 cup all bran + granola, 1 cup milk
Snack - 1 Grannysmith apple (will teach you a trick later)
Lunch - Tuna pasta (recipe later)
Snack - 1 piece of biltong, 1 decedant hot chocolate (oops!), 1 small piece of rye bread, chilli and lime nachos and feta guac (waiting for supper to be ready)
Supper - mince and veg pasta bake and a tomato, lettuce and feta salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing (*trix made it, yum yum)

I got through about 2l of water.

We never did any exersise, instead we sat at home tilla bout 2:30 then took a drive out to Paarl long the R300. Stopped at fairview for coffee (I planned to have tea, meanwhilke Jack ordered me a decadent Hot Chocolate) and bought a loaf of sesame and pumpkin seed rye, sourdough mix. We visited Jack's cousin on Picardie Guest Farm and chatted till about 6 then headed off to *trix's for supper.

It was a great night chatting to friends about anything and everything and as usual had to pull ourselves away from conversation, holding onto it till we stepped over the threshold. The silly body corporate in their block say the gate locks at 11:00 but we discovered it actually locks at 10:30 so had a nice brisk walk in the chilled air.

It was a nice day.

Today has been a busy day. This morning Jack had the final stage of his conversion test and it went very well. We said the blessing for good news and then went to the waterfront to check mail and do some essentials shopping. From there we went to town to get Jack's tourism card and while he did that I popped into Jewel Tree to chat to Peter about my wedding band. Jack came in and conversation about the economy followed.

From there we went to house of monatic to find a nice pair of pants for Jack and then off to plumstead where we went to meet some friends for a light lunch.

All the while I have been pulling my pants up. I need to take them to a seemstress to have the belt rings fixed(they broke from pulling up so much) and have an elastic put in

Now I am waiting to be dropped off at my parents so we can go to gym :)

Tomorrow I spend the day with skylark...sooooooooooo excited :)

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