Monday, July 27, 2009

Weight-loss tip

As I come across tips that help me with my process I will post them here to help those follwoing me too.

Today's tip is:
Slice your fruit up

There are several reasons and I discover more every so often from other people who use the tip:

1. It's easier to eat with 1 hand. A lot of the time we pick snacks that are easy to eat while we work, packet of chips, buscuits, etc. Small things you can use one hand to eat. So make your fruit easy to eat.

2. Less messy. If you orange is already cut up, your apple already slices or your naartjie already segmented you are unlikely to make a mess on your desk. No juices dripping down your chin as you take a bite. No rind stuck under your fingernails.

3. This one courtesy of *trix . Cutting them into certain shapes that mimic other junk foods. For example, slice your apple thinly like chips.

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