Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wednesday weight loss week 4 + 5

I have been busy at work. Very busy and so blogging has taken a 3rd wheel, unfortunately.

So week 4 was less then stellar. I burned my 3000kcal, I tracked every morsel that went in my mouth and stayed in my points and still I was up 400g (0.9lb). The WW leader was again not the usual one although she didnt weird me out as much as the last time. I think she realised we were used to a very different style then the one she does and she kept talking to us and keeping us calm (sounds like we are kindergarten children but when your routine on something so important is disturbed you get stressed)

I decided that it wasnt going to discourage me and promptly got discouraged. That night I didnt go to gym but went straight to a braai (BBQ) at friends and managed to eat all my points I think, I dont know I didnt track it but I was miserable. I gave myself the night to be miserable and throught the evening kept reminding myself that i still had 200g (0.4lb) left of my big 1.8kg (4lb) loss and I wasnt allowed to gain it. I spent the public holiday on wednesday doing lots of nothing except drinking great cofffee, eating sushi and watching private practice and medium. Thursday was back to gym and I did my utmost to burn 700kcal in that hour but only got 641kcal, I felt exhausted though so wasnt too upset by it. Had a great dinner and watched that I didnt over indulge, even too much salad is too much.

Friday I wasnt able to train as I headed out to Betty's bay (a coastal town) to spend the weekend with friends. Got there, cooked supper and went to bed. The next morning I though "I could go for a walk!" and I did, a quick 30 min walk just to get my morning started. This was my view for most of the walk:

This is who I met when I go there:
The whole area has these helpful baboon information signs as baboons have started becoming a problem with people feeding them and trying to "make friends" with the cute but wild animals.

Was kept busy most of the day so didnt even snack, just had a nice salad for lunch (it was late spring weather) and then decided to try walking to the shops to do the grocery shopping we needed for supper (2-3 hour walk) but by the time we left it was getting late so 3 of us walked while we told my friends husband to wait an hour and a half and then come fetch us. We walked for 1h45min and it was very nice.

We had a braai (BBQ)  that night and I had bought Kudu (type of venison) steak, very very lean and very tasty. 

That evening was also an early night and the next morning I woke up with the same thought in my head "I could go for a walk!" This time I took a diffrent direction and walked for just over an hour. This was my view:

I drove home after that to wish my daddy a happy father's day. I decided on sunday that my "Bread Fast" was over. enough was enough, I wasnt losing more weight, it wasnt helping me in anyway and just making me miserable.

Monday I was so sore and exhausted from all the walking that I took the day off. Went to a book launch that evening.

Yesterday (tuesday) was weigh in day again and the lady who is meant to lead us for the next couple of months was back, so back to our usual routine. I really really felt like I would have a loss this week, i felt it in my bones. I was sure it would be a small loss but definitely a loss. Well....I was...wrong. It wasnt a small loss it was a BIG loss. I lost 1kg (2.2lb). Was so motivating and I was ready to kick ass at gym. Which I did in the first 40 min till I didnt catch a medicine ball thrown to me properly and ended up with in my face. Luckly on the side and not my nose.

What shall today bring...I have a lovely pot of minestrone waiting at home :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday weight loss week 3 (late..oops)

I want to say it was another fantastic loss by I cant. I am up, 1.2kg (2.6lb). I feel really bad about it by my husband, my trainer and a gym buddy have all mentioned the fact that over 2 weeks there is a net loss of 600g (1.3lb) which is actually healthy. I have recommitted to watching my portion size and have decided to be extra careful about the points I allocate to things. I tracked accurately and exercised and still there was an up on the scale so I am very frustrated.

Last week I burnt 2206 calories. That isnt enough really so I am aiming for more then 3000 this week. So far I am on 1270. I have my trainer tonight and I have the day off tomorrow so will be going in early before the World Cup madness on the roads begins. My sister and I are planning to go Ice Skating on Sunday. The "week" on my HR monitor is Monday - Sunday so that will be my week.

Oh that reminds me. Ice skating last week was great. I didnt skate consistently as I was helping a friend and just generally chatting to friends but in an hour with all that I still got through 584cal, not bad at all for something I had lots of fun doing.

I am going to review my goal weight. Initially I put it as the lowest weight WW says is healthy for my height but I have had many many people telling me that I will be skeletal and they are worried about me aiming so low. So I am putting it at half way between.

so here we are:

Current weight: 114.6kg (252.6lb)
Goal weight: 57kg (125.7lb)
Total to lose: 57.6kg (127lb)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My weekend that was week 3

All in all a really fantastic weekend.

I went ice skating on friday which was really fun. i didnt realise how many calories got burnt in the process, lots with stopping I think I could double it if I skated non stop (hard to do with the little sh*ts that skate at the Grand West Ice station) One thing though is it really made me miss Goodwood Ice rink (For those who are not from Cape Town. Goodwood Ice Rink was a old leaky place that was falling appart but I was ther e a lot, and they played 80's music while you skated. It was knocked down and replaced with Grand West Casino and Entertainment) I missed the 80's cheese, I missed the sessions where they would let only beginners or only experts or only couples etc. The new ice rink plays pop, hip hop, R&B but no 80's. There was one remix of an 80's song. Mostly I miss that half way through a session they kicked everyone off to smooth out the ice.

Saturday I forced myself to stay in bed and manged till 10. I dont think I will force myself again, I felt like I had wasted so much time. We did some stuff at the V&A waterfront, had brunch and then headed home where we vegged some more before heading out to a friend's birthday party. I got aaaaalll dressed up, hair, make up, the lot because we thought we may be able to go to another party after. We decided to go home at 11 cause we are old and boring...um...and broke.

Sunday was supposed to be me and my sister going to the gym and doing breakfast. It turned out to be TheHusband  and I going to the gym and then going to my parents to taste bread (I only tasted as this is my month without bread). We then went home and did some cleaning up and I attempted to make diabetic friendly marangue. Need to chat to ThePartner as to why they failed. Then will try again.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Team up Thursday - Breakfast

Well we actually have a 3 way team up Thursday but sidiot, our 3rd team mate seems to have gone AWOL.

The theme we chose was breakfast. I think we just chose at random and its interesting to see the different interpretations.

So without further a due here is Manik and my TUT

Hopefully sidiot will be around and I will add his here when he sends it

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday weight loss week 2

Still no badge but I dont want to push my fantastically talented friend so I will wait patiently like a good girl.

Yesterday I was not in a good way as its TOM and I havnt felt that bad since I was a teenager. Couple that with the fact that no one needed help with anything so Trade post Tuesday didnt happen.

So onto Wednesday's post.

I lost 1.8kg (4lb). It takes me to 113.4kg which, after checking my book, brings me to 10% of my total body weight lost!

Even though most of that was done at sport's science, the lady that is leading our group at the moment (I usual leader has gone to the states for 3 months) is the head of CT (from what I gathered) and she decided that I deserve the 10% keyring!! I am ecstatic.

I wont say I worked extra heard this week but I did train quite a bit and my eating wast too bad.

I had a very strange moment though: I am an emotional eater. When I am happy, I eat, when I am upset I eat. It's part of the reason I am where I am weight wise. On Monday night I had a huge fight with my dad. I am still dealing with the stress from it (tight chest, very jumpy, unhappy tummy) but on Monday night it was all snot in tranne. Normally I would reach for food, chocolate, cheese, something. I made my husband supper and went to bed. The last thing I wanted to do was eat, the thought of food made me feel ill. I didnt eat anything till Tuesday afternoon when The Husband insisted. So very very strange. I was so hungry by last night that I had too much food but luckily it was healthy food.

I have broken through a platue and the downward trend must continue now. My next big goal is to make 5kg (11lb) loss on WW (1.6kg-3.5lb away). Then after that is to get into double digits...I havent seen those since I hit 20.

Current weight: 113.4kg (250lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 62.4kg (137.5lb)

Monday, May 31, 2010

My weekend that was week 2

So as you could see, Thursday and Friday's posts were non existent. Well the reasons are simple, I had nothing to write about. No one wanted to use my blogspace to advertise and we didn't to see a movie on Thursday night.

Friday I cooked supper and you can follow the recipe adventure on my other blog: Add to taste. It took a lot longer then expected but it came out fantastic and everyone ate their fill.

Saturday The Partner was meant to come over to bake cookies that we could sell but she ended up spending the day with her sig-oth and I ended up meeting Princess Anie's new addition to the family while getting really slow and overwhelmed service from the staff at Millstone in Oude Moulen. Later on I was being fetched to The Physio's birthday party...by The Physio and her husband. I was told they would miscall me when they were 5 mintues away so I could head out to meet them at security. I received a missed call SMS and ran straight for the gate, not checking the number. When I got there and saw that no one had arrived, then I checked my phone and saw it was actually The Husband who had tried to call me to let me know he was done working. I told him where to meet us and shortly after my lift arrived.

The boys went to watch the rugby at Woodstock lounge while the girls went for happy hour cocktails at Jamaica me Crazy. 3 cocktails and lots of giggles later (it amazes me that I can switch from being uber bouncy fan girl to laughing at the uber bouncy fan boys,e specially while slightly warmed by my liquid refreshment). Sorry that the Stormers had lost but proud that they got as far as they did and that they were not completely trampled by the bulls.

We then headed off for sushi at 1890 House. Consistently good sushi at consistently good prices, you know you have been to a place too often when they waiter gives you a hug when you arrive. Had delicious fish, champagne and plenty of water. Then home James, with a detour past Woodstock lounge, apparently The Husband put down a bet that the score will be 27 -17 to the bulls, to collect some winnings.

Saturday morning bright and early The Partner arrived and we started our first tandem baking adventure. We went shopping for the few things we were missing and then got to work. We spent the whole day working in my tiny kitchen and didn't bump into each other or spoil each others work or anything of the sort. Later we went for supper at my mom's and in her huge kitchen we kept knocking each other, and all we were doing was eating. The evening ended off with an episode of knightrider and Angels and Daemons and then off to bed.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weightloss Wednesday

So I have an idea for a badge and I have asked a fantasticly talented friend to help me.

Last nights weigh in wasnt too bad. I havent moved. Still the same weight. I managed to track most days which isnt ideal but its better then not tracking at all. Once I  am back in the habit I will be doing it regularly and I know if I track consistently and accurately I can lose the weight.

I have gone to gym 3 days in a row now (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and today I am taking a break. If the weather stays as it is I may take my mom and the dogs down to the beachfront for a walk this evening but otherwise I need a rest day. The reason is simple: The fitness you gain in 3 weeks of exercise is marginal compared to the fitness you lose when you dont exercise for 3 weeks. The Husband suggested I do 3 days in a row for a while till my fitness is back up to the point where I can handle 5 days in a row like I used to.

My trainer is sick so I had a lesson in pushing myself last night. I followed the routine he did with me last Thursday which was 20min of cardio, stretching then core exercises and then finish off the 45 minutes with cardio (from next week I will be back up to an hour). So I did 20 min on the elliptical (currently the one cardio machine I can really push on without hurting my back) then did my stretches. I did my balance exercise byt standing on an overturned bosu ball with my eyes closed for as much of it as possible. Then I did 90° crunches iwth a 1kg medicine ball between my legs. I did 5 of them while holding the crunch each time for 10 counts. Then 5 crunches, holding th medicine ball out in front of me also holding the crunch for 10 counts. I then did the plank for 1 minute and I felt it wasnt enough, so I did an exercise where you hold the plank position and tap a ball in front of you with alternating hands, I did 15 taps.

I finished off on the treadmill. Now most of you already know I have a shin splint problem so I cannot run, at least not at my current weight. A few weeks ago I decided to do a little experiment as the top speed I can go on the treadmill does not raise my heart rate up enough. SO I dropped the speed and upped the incline. At the moment my maximum is a 13° incline at speed 4.

I have set some goals for the next couple of weeks that I think will help me get out of this rut I find myself in. Firstly back to limiting my salt. Portion control!! I have lost my way here and its time to get back to that. In addition The Husband and I have decided that June is "No Bread Month". We are not cutting out carbs or starches, just bread.

Current weight: 115.2kg (254lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 64.2kg (141.5lb)