Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday weight loss week 2

Still no badge but I dont want to push my fantastically talented friend so I will wait patiently like a good girl.

Yesterday I was not in a good way as its TOM and I havnt felt that bad since I was a teenager. Couple that with the fact that no one needed help with anything so Trade post Tuesday didnt happen.

So onto Wednesday's post.

I lost 1.8kg (4lb). It takes me to 113.4kg which, after checking my book, brings me to 10% of my total body weight lost!

Even though most of that was done at sport's science, the lady that is leading our group at the moment (I usual leader has gone to the states for 3 months) is the head of CT (from what I gathered) and she decided that I deserve the 10% keyring!! I am ecstatic.

I wont say I worked extra heard this week but I did train quite a bit and my eating wast too bad.

I had a very strange moment though: I am an emotional eater. When I am happy, I eat, when I am upset I eat. It's part of the reason I am where I am weight wise. On Monday night I had a huge fight with my dad. I am still dealing with the stress from it (tight chest, very jumpy, unhappy tummy) but on Monday night it was all snot in tranne. Normally I would reach for food, chocolate, cheese, something. I made my husband supper and went to bed. The last thing I wanted to do was eat, the thought of food made me feel ill. I didnt eat anything till Tuesday afternoon when The Husband insisted. So very very strange. I was so hungry by last night that I had too much food but luckily it was healthy food.

I have broken through a platue and the downward trend must continue now. My next big goal is to make 5kg (11lb) loss on WW (1.6kg-3.5lb away). Then after that is to get into double digits...I havent seen those since I hit 20.

Current weight: 113.4kg (250lb)
Goal weight: 51kg (112.4lb)
Total to lose: 62.4kg (137.5lb)


  1. Well done on your loss thats found your blog so see you around more often as have added u to my feedreader.

  2. I thought you were following, thats why I never said anything before hand :) Glad you have me on the feed reader now

  3. Congrats on your loss!! That is wonderful!