Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday weight loss week 3 (late..oops)

I want to say it was another fantastic loss by I cant. I am up, 1.2kg (2.6lb). I feel really bad about it by my husband, my trainer and a gym buddy have all mentioned the fact that over 2 weeks there is a net loss of 600g (1.3lb) which is actually healthy. I have recommitted to watching my portion size and have decided to be extra careful about the points I allocate to things. I tracked accurately and exercised and still there was an up on the scale so I am very frustrated.

Last week I burnt 2206 calories. That isnt enough really so I am aiming for more then 3000 this week. So far I am on 1270. I have my trainer tonight and I have the day off tomorrow so will be going in early before the World Cup madness on the roads begins. My sister and I are planning to go Ice Skating on Sunday. The "week" on my HR monitor is Monday - Sunday so that will be my week.

Oh that reminds me. Ice skating last week was great. I didnt skate consistently as I was helping a friend and just generally chatting to friends but in an hour with all that I still got through 584cal, not bad at all for something I had lots of fun doing.

I am going to review my goal weight. Initially I put it as the lowest weight WW says is healthy for my height but I have had many many people telling me that I will be skeletal and they are worried about me aiming so low. So I am putting it at half way between.

so here we are:

Current weight: 114.6kg (252.6lb)
Goal weight: 57kg (125.7lb)
Total to lose: 57.6kg (127lb)


  1. I also think 57kg's is very low for you..I think you should look at 65 - 68kg's ~ see what you look like at that weight and then continue. Thats how I did it. 60kg's was too thin for me...I got ill and everyone said I looked ill, 2 extra kg's and I look much healthier, so do the test for yourself.
    Another suggest, first aim to get into the 90's...I've known you for a long time now and you have not managed to get into the 90's ~ so make that your first goal.
    And agree, be very strict on your points...I never used my points for sweets, chips or ate out...I was so strict, that is how you have to be, when you are closer to your goal or at goal you can start relaxing and using points for those foods, but by then you wont want to eat the foods as you know how bad it is for you.
    Chocolate is something I only started eating when I was about 5 kgs away from goal.....never before.

  2. If you look at my first Wednesday weightloss post you will see all my goals, step by step :)