Monday, June 7, 2010

My weekend that was week 3

All in all a really fantastic weekend.

I went ice skating on friday which was really fun. i didnt realise how many calories got burnt in the process, lots with stopping I think I could double it if I skated non stop (hard to do with the little sh*ts that skate at the Grand West Ice station) One thing though is it really made me miss Goodwood Ice rink (For those who are not from Cape Town. Goodwood Ice Rink was a old leaky place that was falling appart but I was ther e a lot, and they played 80's music while you skated. It was knocked down and replaced with Grand West Casino and Entertainment) I missed the 80's cheese, I missed the sessions where they would let only beginners or only experts or only couples etc. The new ice rink plays pop, hip hop, R&B but no 80's. There was one remix of an 80's song. Mostly I miss that half way through a session they kicked everyone off to smooth out the ice.

Saturday I forced myself to stay in bed and manged till 10. I dont think I will force myself again, I felt like I had wasted so much time. We did some stuff at the V&A waterfront, had brunch and then headed home where we vegged some more before heading out to a friend's birthday party. I got aaaaalll dressed up, hair, make up, the lot because we thought we may be able to go to another party after. We decided to go home at 11 cause we are old and broke.

Sunday was supposed to be me and my sister going to the gym and doing breakfast. It turned out to be TheHusband  and I going to the gym and then going to my parents to taste bread (I only tasted as this is my month without bread). We then went home and did some cleaning up and I attempted to make diabetic friendly marangue. Need to chat to ThePartner as to why they failed. Then will try again.

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