Thursday, June 3, 2010

Team up Thursday - Breakfast

Well we actually have a 3 way team up Thursday but sidiot, our 3rd team mate seems to have gone AWOL.

The theme we chose was breakfast. I think we just chose at random and its interesting to see the different interpretations.

So without further a due here is Manik and my TUT

Hopefully sidiot will be around and I will add his here when he sends it

Other bloggers also doing Team Up Thursday's ARE:
Marcelle and Kerstin


  1. I think you should stick to two of you....
    Otherwise is changes the whole challenge...
    Good pic from both of you...breakfast is a good theme...

  2. We checked with the lady who started the challenge and she said we can go ahead with pleasure :)

    Its really amazing how people see things differently.

  3. okay, it is up to her and if she says its okay then go for it.