Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 4: Exercise Day and Weigh in

My food diary for yesterday looks like this:

Breakfast - 1slice of pumpkin and sesame seed rye & sourdough mix bread with an avo and boiled egg mush (I made a whole sandwich with 2 slices but could only finish half)
Snack - Greek Salad
Lunch - Chicken breast with pineapple and chips(I know I shouldn't have but they were crispy and there)
Supper - 4pc Rainbow Roll (tuna out, prawn in), 2pc tuna sashimi, 2 tuna handrolls, 1 inari nigiri with tamago ontop.

I got through about 2l of water.

Yesterdays workout was fun but easy:
We did what they call a 12 minute motion tests. Fro 12 minutes you walk/run around a track and count how many laps you do and they calculate how many km's you did. Then at the end of the program you do that again. I cannot walk/run for extended periods because of shin splints so I got to hop on a bike and ride. Covered 8,35km in the 12 minutes which apparently isnt bad. We did some stretches and then went to the blue floor and did some exercises.

First was 2 sets of 15 "sit to stands". It is what it says it is , you sit and stand. All the while keeping your tummy tucked in or activate your stomach muscles , chin up, chest out, bum out and head straight.

This was followed by 2 sets of 15 "sitting leg raises". Which again is exactly what is says. You bend one leg and straighten out the other, then in the same activated position from the previous exercise you lift your straight leg off the floor and go up and dopwn keeping it from touching the floor.

These were followed by 2 set of 15 calf raises. 1 set done with feet parallel and 1 set split into 5 with pigeon toes, 5 with parallell feet and 5 with "duck" feet.

We went back to the sit to stands and the sitting leg raises and did 1 superset of 20 each (20 sit to stands and 20 each leg for the sitting leg raises)

We then pop down on the mats and did a diffrent kind of leg raise whose name I cannot remember. Basically though you lie on your side, the leg at the bottom gets bent and the leg ontop is straight and slightly infront of the leg thats bent. You lift that leg and there are 3 possible actions: move, hold and pulse. I think these were the ones I felt the most, although I had to go into the hardest position to feel it.

We then got hold of some terrabands wich are just long pieces of rubber.

The first 2 sets of 15 we held the bands horizontally at shoulder width, in the activated position and pull your arms as far apart (obviously keeping form). The second 2 sets of 15, 1 on each leg, you place the one side of the band on the floor and step on it. The other side you roll up till there is tention in it when your arm is relaces and then you lift your arm to shoulder height.

To cool down when walked twice around the track (I can walk to cool down) and some stretches.

I forgot to metion that when we go thtere I hopped on a bike already while waiting for the Bio to arrive so the whole workout lasted 1 hour (I paused my HR monitor while he explained the 12 minute motion) and I burned 569cal (45% of which were fat)

Yes, we had sushi for supper again. It really works out cheaper then cooking and especially with limiting our intake.

Today I spend the day with skylark. I dont know what we are going to do other then going to buy things for the Deli dinner we are having tonight. Will keep you posted cause tonight we are exercising and doing a weigh in.

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