Monday, April 26, 2010

not a long weekend

Unlike half of South Africans, I am at work today (and will probably be in tomorrow as well). I have a very hectic week ahead of me with too much time planned for meals and not enough for exercise. See the company I work for is hostinga beauty pageant to find their brand ambassador. I am hoping spending the week with tiny Indian girls will inspire me to not eat so much but I also know what I am like under high stress. I am going to be working non stop from wed morning till very early sunday morning.

Today my boss is gonna give us a rundown of where we have to be and when and I will try fit in a workout where ever I can because we are going to be eating indian food and take aways the whole week.

This weekend I baked a cake:

and redid the packing of the cupboards in my kitchen. In particular the Tupperware cupboard and I threw a WHOLE lot of stuff away.

I also ate very badly because I had a moment. I knew that the cortisone was going to make me gain and be bloated. I was hungry continuously because of the stuff and was just so frustrated and stressed (the cake was for money, if I got it right it meant I was guaranteed at least 1 more cake) so I didnt care. I didnt even track. I will see it on the scale tomorrow and next week but I am not going to let that get to me. This is a long journey and some potholes are not going to deter me from my final destination.

Hope everyone has a solid week :)

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