Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday and time to start a new (TMI post)

disclaimer: This post had a lot of "Too Much Information"...you have been warned

Today is tuesday and the fake begining of a week. Even my period had a long weekend and was a day late (which had me nervous since I was anti biotics and those cancel out the pill).

Today it's back to Weight Watchers and to celebrate that I packed a healthy lunch with rye bread sandwiches, an apple, a plum, drinking yoghurt and cerial (for breakfast). I also put in a can of Red Grapetiser. Interesting facts: Appletiser and Red Grapetiser are low GI, White Grapetiser and peartiser are not. I know grapes are high in sugar and therefore not an ideal fruit but then are red grapes low GI? 

I have had to think about the continuation of my journey. Up until now I had the wedding to aim for and that had me motivated, now the motivation had to change, just "being thin" has never worked so I needed new things to spur me on. I was standing in Clicks waiting for them to find the box for a pair of oil bottles I wanted to buy (oil bottles have tops like they have on spirits at bars to help control the amount of oil that comes out). While waiting I saw the magazine "Fir Pregnancy" and realised that THAT was my next motivation. I want to be a fit, healthy mom. Some one told me that because his wife was over weight she couldnt breast feed and a friend correlated the story, the apparently doesnt produce enough or nutritious enough breast milk and one of my biggest dreams is to breast feed. Also I would like to be able to have a water birth and they dont do them so readily for overweight women.

J and I decided that we have a year to plan, financially and physically for babies. On our 1st anniversary we are going to "stop practicing". So ladies that is my new goal, to be a Fit Mommy :)

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  1. That is a wonderful goal to work towards. Such motivation to be a fit mom. It is something you can pass on to your child. I am doing everything to make sure that my daughter doesn't have to do what I am now. Learn balance early on and that's most of the battle. At least for me!