Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday with a diffrence

You may have noticed that most my thursdays are the same in the evening. We go to a friend's house where we order nando's and watch a movie. Last night was different as our other friends didnt come (they husband had to work and withe wife was tired), the other lot also didnt come (the 1 house mate is sick and the other is liftless otherwise) and so I called the friend who we go to and checked if it would bother him much if we also cancelled this week. He was happy for a chance to get to bed early at least 1 night this week so J and I had the evening to ourselves. We will get to that part shortly :)

The whole day I was so hungry, my gran says its the cortizone. I think its a combination of that and the cold weather I drank 3 cups of green tea before it was even 11 oclock. Then I tucked into an orange and ate it really slowly. By lunch time I was so hungry but luckly I had packed a fantastic lunch (see here). After lunch I was very satisfied for about an hour when the niggles for food started again. I had some water and another cup of tea and about 3 I had an apple. It was a baby apple and I had to cut off some bruised bits so not very filling :(. By 3 I start my wrapping up for the day, finishing things off and the like. So it wasnt so bad.

I rushed home from there to fetch Jack and go to gym. Wow what a session and for the first time in moths I experienced muscle failure. Now for those training hard will know that muscle failure is a good failure. It means you have really worked hard, pushed your body to its limit. My trainer was very impressed. (As an example for those who havent experienced. I was supposed to do 15 reps on level 15, 12 reps on level 20 and 10 reps on level 25. I managed the first 2 but barely did 5 on the last one and my trainer helped)

Then we I had a shower and while Iwas in the change room J bought me a little baby C-monster (smoothie) and himself a cup of coffee and we sat and chatted to a metro cop friend who goes to our gym. He told us that as of the 1st of July they are going to start implementing the points system on licenses and from the 1st of november it goes in full. That means you get 12 points every 3 years, driving 20km/h over the speed limit = -2 points, bigger offences are -5 points and if you do not have your license on you when you are stopped you will arrested. No more fines for not carrying your license, go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect R200.

We then went to the V&A waterfront to check mail and do some shopping for dinner. I made spicy chicken breasts with garlic cous cous but I will post the link when I blog about it. Suffice to say it was delicious. Then we went to visit my dad who ha been in JHB all week.

My ear is feeling a lot better. It changes from moment to moment between feeling normal, feeling a little blocked and feeling very blocked but my gran says thats how cortizone works (my gran has been on cortizone most of her life, as a result she has paper for skin and matchsticks for bones)

This morning my chest is a little tight, will see how I feel later and maybe use my ventoline pump, I try to breath past it and see if it releases but not for too long otherwise it gets too tight, if it doesnt realease on its own then only I use the pump.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day and even better weekend. Fro those who have a long weekend, remember there will be many more long weekends, this is not the last one and so there is no need to go overboard. If I dont get a chance to blog this weekend (As has been the case) I will post monday (as I have to be at work)

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