Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The day after. OUCH!

So last night was back to gym and back to the other "half" of my plan to a fit mommy. I learnt that for me neither works without the other. I can gym to my hearts content and there will be a marginal loss and then a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooong plateau. I can diet and I there will be a marginal loss and again the plateau, but if I do the 2 together, that's when I see the results.

I like having a trainer, it means there is some one to push me and I he also knows how much to push after 3 weeks of not doing anything. It was just the right intensity to break a serious sweat but not so much that I injured myself or felt completely destroyed.

I can tell you this morning climbing(we have a bath with a shower and I am short) into the shower I definitely felt those leg presses and I am waiting to feel all the arm stuff we did, I am sure that will come soon.

Last night we went to babysit my mom's dogs (more for my mom's sake then for theirs) and I decided I felt like kitchenwitching (thats the name I give going into the kitchen, looking whats available and cooking something from it) and made a delicious pasta with mushrooms and olives in a "cream"y sauce. I will blog about it on my food blog soon :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic morning and that your day will be as beautiful as cape town looked with the mist on the bay.

by the way: If any of my USA readers are willing to do a trade. I really want one of those food and exercise tracking diaries and if you willing to post me one I will trade for anything from here (Rooibos tea, khoisan salt, etc).

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  1. I am like you. I either do both or it's a waste of time. Glad you are feeling the work out. That is good!!