Friday, April 16, 2010


Phew Thursday, what can I say, I think I am still shaking :P

Eating wise I was right on track and saved loads of points up for supper. So instead of a millie or a roll I got some extra chicken wings :)

Training wise, well if I thought the last workout was hectic, boy oh boy. When I started the Healthy Weight program at sports science I saw a 700+kcal burn almost every workout. As I got fitter, reaching the 700 mark was harder and harder. At the moment I am happy if I see 600 in an hour. Last night I burned 731kcal! in an hour! Seems my body hates interval training (yes hates, if it like it it would use so much energy to do it :P )

I was shaking, I had to get one of those restaurant mint out my bag when I got to the locker room cause I felt like I was going to faint and I had a cold shower to knock me out of it.

Did my next workout for the 100 push up program and managed o do 12 max, yay!

Tonight I am cooking supper. If my mom can find tuna and salmon I am making sushi, if not I am making roast beef with roast potatoes and steamed veg :)

Have a great friday! If the weekend is anything like the last then I will see you monday ?( I have to try and bake a hello kitty cake)


  1. Have a wonderful weekend! A "Hello Kitty" Cake? That sounds like fun. You'll have to share pictures.

  2. Sushi sounds soo good right now! Congrats on the push ups. I think I need to start that...