Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend that was

Before writing this blog post I calculated my food for the weekend. I had written everything down I just hadnt written the values or calculated. I was shocked! I was sure I had a terrible weekend. I was sure I went over my points each and every day. How wrong was I. Friday I was waay under, Saturday I was "on-the-dot" and sunday I was waay under again. Will tell you about my weekend anyway.

So friday was an ok day at work, my boss wasnt in so it was quiet. After work I went straight to my mom's house to cook supper. I will post the recipe on my food blog as it was healthy and low in calories. While the meat was marinading I took J's skipping rope which is now mine and went outside to skip. I did workout 3 of week 1 of the 100pushup program and skipped. It took about 30 minutes before I had had enough. I hadnt burned many calories but the bricks I was skipping on were hell for my legs. I need to make another plan as I really enjoy skipping but need a softer place to land.

If you recall I went to aqua on Wed. Ever since then I had water in my ear. I asked my mom on friday to buy me drops to get it out. So after the meat went into the oven and the potatoes were on the boil I went to shower and decided to try a trick my ENT taught me where, when you shower, you put the water in your ear and hold it there a minute. After 30 seconds I felt dizzy and sick. I had to have my sister bring me water before I could move again. I guessed then that I had an ear infection but thought maybe the hot water and standing with my head tildted, plus the skipping may have just made my blood pressure go funny.

After supper (which was oven roasted tenderloin, crispy smoked potatoes and bamboo steamed veg) I went to lie down in the lounge so my mom could put drops in my ear. At first if felt really good, like the drops were going in places that really needed it and then suddenly the pain started and it was sooo bad. eventually the pain subsided but my ear just felt blocked.

I went to the doctor the next morning and it turns out my first assumption was right, I have an ear infection. I then put drops in my ear that had alcohol in them and that went into the raw infected area and caused my ear canal to swell and close up my ear, which is why it hurt so bad and then the swelling went down a fraction so it still felt blocked but the air inside still had space to move so the pain stopped.

I went to cavendish to go buy the drops and visit a place called "Storm in A-G cup" It is a lingerie store that measures you properly and teaches you how to wear your bras. The lady at woolworths told me I was a 42D. I am actually a 38DD and wow what a difference the correct size makes! I cringe when I see women, especially at the gym, who wear the wrong size bra and also the wrong bra, you have no idea what damage you can do. I am happy now that I am wearing the correct size and I will be taking my sports bras to them to have them altered as they are 44DD.

Then we went home for much needed rest (no sleep the night before), breakfast (at 1 oclock, cause I wasnt feeling so great when we left the house) ear drops and a new show I am now hooked on called Drop Dead Divas. That night we went over to friends and were there till 3 in the morning. We had take away chinese food and although I made the best choice from what was on offer, I know take away chinese food so only ate half of it. Even so, like I said, Saturday I ate 24 of my 24 points and that was with not having breakfast.

Sunday I was bored of sleeping by 9:30, we went over to my mom's and I made pancakes. She said she admired me because if I feel like something I will take the time to make it not just stuff my face to try and fill the gap and drown the craving. We then went back home as I forgot the drops there and I watched some more Drop Dead Diva. In the opening credits there is a scene where they eat popcorn so I had to go and make some, that was basically lunch. Sub conciously my body knew not to eat a lot for lunch cause at 6 my dad called and said that they were taking us out for supper. They took us to a place called Posticino. I could have had pasta there, the pasta is not bad but their pizza, there is no better pizza (if you are the kind of person who like real pizza not stogy, oily take away crap) so I decided tog et my favourite pizza and a big salad with it. To be honest, the mood I was in last night, the salad was the best part :)

So today I am alone at work. Everyone is out on meetings. I still cant hear very well out my right ear but I ahve my green tea, I have my giant bottle of water. I am dressed ready for gym tonight, tonight after gym we are going to my photographers office to pick pictures for the wedding album


  1. What a weekend!! A salad sounds really good right now. I have heard of Drop Dead Dives but I have never seen it.

  2. everyone here is gearing for winter so its all hot cooked food and I just want fresh salad