Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 day report back

Sorry about the quietness yesterday, I felt weird not blogging but I didnt even look at my pc yesterday. Checked mail on my phone and that was it.

So lets start with Tuesday:
It wasnt such a great day. My ear was still bugging me and my boss kept looking at me like I was faing it. Eventually I called the doctor and made a booking for the next morning. Gym was ok, trained on my owna s my trainer was booked for 6 and I had weigh in at 5. Oh yes! Weigh in. I didnt lose...but...I didnt gain either and with cortizone drops I am very happy with that result. After gym we went to a meeting with a financial planner and we were home really late. I just collapes on the bed, why youy ask? Well since I have shin splints I cant go fast on the treadmill, it hurts. So I never get my HR very high on the treadmill. Tuesday I was a little bored of the elliptical and I didnt feel like steps so I got on the treadmill and pushed it up as high as my legs could handle but my HR wouldnt go above 140. This frustrated me and then I had a wave of genius. It took the speed down all the way down to 3 and pushed the gradient up to 13. then I just upped the speed as I went. Wow! My HR was up at 175 at one point.

I went to the doctor and she put me on cortizone tablets. 40mg a day 5 days, I hate to see what my weight does by next tuesday. I went to fetch the medication, went to my mom's for lunch, took my medication and went for a nap. Yesterday was a month since J and I got married and by stroke of luck it was the night we went to pick our favourites from the Pro shots!!

Cant wait to get them all touched up :)

Look on my food blog to see my recent lunch time blog post.

Also I want one of these:

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