Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 16: walk in the woods day

First off my food diary for today:
Breakfast: 3/4 cup of oats, 1/2 cup milk and 1 ts butter
Snack: raw peanuts and biltong
Lunch: left over spagbol
Snack: raw peanuts and biltong
Supper: 4 tuna and prawn rainbow rolls, 1 tuna handroll, 1 prawn handroll, 2 pc tuna sashimi, 2 piece tuna nigiri, 1 veg california roll, 4 tuna and prawn california rolls, 2 inari, 4 tamago.

Todays exercise:
We went for a walk outside. Up deer park drive into deer park, across to what used to e there reservoir there when I was at school.

My stats for today:
Total workout time: 00:38:34
Max HR: 166
Avg HR: 129
Total Calories burned: 298 (50% fat)

This week I have taken on the Operation Fat Blasters misssion to do something new 3 times. Walking or working out outside was what I picked and today was the first of the 3. Unfortunately the weather is not playing along and since the evening it has been pissing rain. Will see what the rest of the week is like

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  1. Good for you sweetie....I just found your message to me on my blog spaces now...I think its wonderful that you are doing this and congrats on the weightloss already!! Have a wonderful long weekend! Hugs xxx