Monday, August 3, 2009

day 12: Rest day

First off My food diary for today:
Breakfast: yogisip (I get the ones in the carton, they just seem so much more satisfying)
Snack: yogbar
Lunch: smoked chicken on low gi bread with mustard
Snack: yogbar
Supper: minestrone soup (i didnt take pictures but I will give you the recipe soon), bolognese with pasta shells, 1 baked apple (will give the recipe too for this great dessert)

I am trying my best to make every meal better. Even if we eat more in that meal then we are meant to I try to make so its not as fatty as it used to be. Friday nights are a classic example. We will have big meal on friday night because that is the tradition but it doesnt mean it has to be decadent to the point of fattyness.

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