Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Perfect 10 Challenge.

Right so it's time to get my but into serious gear with the wedding being less then 3 months away and my need to be a lot smaller then I am now. So to help me with this I have joined WeightWatchers, acquired a personal trainer and now (thanks to Lori-Ann at Amazon Runner I am joining The Perfect 10 challenge! (which conveniently ends just before the wedding)

So what are my goals for this challenge?
1) Get to 110kg (242lb) by the wedding: Originally I wanted to be under 100kg but to this point I havent worked hard enough and therefore had to recalibrate to a realistic attainable goal. That being said if I reach 110kg before the wedding I wont leave it there, I will keep going. I am currently 116.4kg (256.1lb) at the last weigh-in. I will post my weekly weigh in here too.

2) Track every single day and stay under my points: Where ever possible I will NOT use my activity points. They are a saftey net if things go bad and like a trapeze artist I dont want to ever have to fall into that net. For the tracking I will use the WW page they give me at meetings and start up my FitDay account again.

3) Train for at least 5 hours a week: I have 3 hours a week covered with my trainer and since starting with him I havent done more then that since he has pushed me further then I have ever gone, however, the "break" is over and its time to up the hours spent moving and 2 more hours shouldn't be impossible. 5 hours a week is the absolute minimum.

Those are my goals for the challenge. Here's to a new year and a new me. My friend Annie said it best "I love that superhuman feeling that accompanies the beginning of each year, like you've shed your skin and the person you were only a few days ago is now just some sort of you-shaped husk left discarded on the linear highway to bigger, better things."


  1. The goals look great! It nice that The Perfect 10 fits right into the wedding. I wish you the absolute best!

  2. Hey Fab! The wedding is only 3 months away?!

    Snap! Im also on Weightwatchers.