Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Perfect 10 - Week 2 ( a little late)

I must apologies for the lateness but my excuse is good I promise. I am going to put it in my secret section as I guess it counts as something you dont know about me (well except for Marcelle)

So how are my goals for this challenge?
1) Get to 110kg (242lb) by the wedding: Very well still . I am now 114.4kg (252.2lb) which is 1.14kg (2.5lb) down from last week's update and 10.2kg (22.5lb) down from when I started my journey in July.

2) Track every single day and stay under my points: As I was away and not in a great place I couldnt compelte this one. I managed to do 4/7 so not a complete failure.

3) Train for at least 5 hours a week: This I did. It wasnt at gym for the most part but in the great outdoors and it was wonderful and helped a lot. I got back late on saturday and I was 20 minutes away from my goal and I thought, aw to hell with it I wont do it this week and then kicked my own ass and managed tog et to gym before it closed and did 30min of cardio. It felt really good.

Now for my weekly secret:
I suffer from bouts of emotional depression. Triggered normally by my own view of my self worth and if I dont catch them in time I tend to dig myself into a hole of indifference and tears. This week was sort of a retreat. I had gotten to a point where my whole life revolved around my weightloss because I didnt have the courage or the energy to deal with the rest of my life. Being retrenched sent me into the spiral and not being able to find a replacement job has just hastened it with rejection letters acting as catalyst. This week I went to a beautiful place on the South African East coast called Betty's Bay. Better then any mental clinic or drugs I am now back on the road to mental recovery.


  1. I am glad you were able to rejuvinate this week. It is such an important thing for all of us. I hope you have a blessed week!

  2. I have very low selfworth too and deal with depression at times too, so I can relate somewhat with that issue. I'm glad this was an okay week, and congrats with your goals

  3. heya, nice to 'meet' you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading yours more often. Betty's Bay sounds fabulous and just what you needed. Congrats on kicking your ass back into the gym for that last 30 minutes to reach your goal. That ROCKS!

  4. It is such a great success to catch yourself and recognize when you are falling before it goes to far! Congratulations on finding a way to pull yourself up and sticking with your goals!

  5. Wow sounds like a wonderful recharge! And congrats on kicking it into gear and getting that last 30 minutes in. ♥

  6. Sometimes a retreat is exactly what we need. I love going away to places by the water -helps me to balance my emotions. I am impressed with your commitment to getting back the gym and meeting your goal!

  7. FIVE STARS to you for taking care of your spirit to lift you out of the depths. As a depression prone person myself, I know how things can spiral out of control when you look away for one moment. This breakaway sounds like just what you needed - and such a grand loss as well, wow!