Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little motivation

So its the New Year but appart from The Perfect 10 challenge I am not going to change anything else. I personally think we get too caught up in the change of the calendar. Everyone waits for it to happen so they can start making changes and you know what, some extra time before hand cant hurt. Lets take for example something a little shorter, working out. Let say you have a class that lasts an hour, so you go to gym and wait for the class to start, then you do the class and you are done. While you were waiting, those 15 minutes, why not wait on the treadmill or the bike? Dont push yourself, make it a nice easy pace but get your HR elevated, thats 15 EXTRA minutes and a few extra calories burned.

So what I am saying is, dont wait for monday (statistically the worst day to start something new), start on sunday, thats an EXTRA day. I look at the people who go to my gym. I can time it on my calendar. This month the gym will be full, then it will wane near the end till people realise it's valentines soon and they want to look hot to catch someone, then is over and the days start getting shorter and people start disappearing. The winter months are very quiet and the minute the advertising for spring starts, BANG! they are back. Why do they wait for their to be a crisis to do anything about how they look.

I am done waiting. I started this journey in earnest in July and I will continue this Journey for the rest of my life. The pace will change and even once the main desitination has been reached I wont stop because then there will be new adventures. I decided to look at reaching my goal weight as the begining to a new adventure. Its somewhere I have never been, something I have never done. I am starting to look forward to the confused feeling of "I have achieved what I have tried to achieve since I was a teenager, what now?"

Up until July last year I was sure I was doing enough and that I was just doomed to be big. The kick start I got from the Sports Science institute and now with WW, my trainer and the fitbloggers group I have learned that just training hard is not enough, I need to watch what I eat. Just eating right is not enough, I need to be active and move my body. I learned about platoes and what I need to get over them, I have learned to read labels, pay attention to carbs and that "healthy" doesnt mean its low-fat (in most cases not at all)

I have been how I am for so long and I am bored with it, I am bored with how If eel, how people look at me. Having to watch what I wear to hide the wobbly bits, to try not offend passers by with the way I look. I am tired of hiding from the camera or trying tricks to hide 3rd chins and the like. I guess this is why I am here, why I am walking this path to a new me and why I wont give up! Even when I am tired or bloated or sick or depressed because I know that with every step on the this path I become less tired, less bloated, healthier and more able to handle my depression

so this is not a "here's to 2010" blog this is a "here's to continuing on the path to a new me" blog no matter what the year is


  1. As someone you've known for a few years...this came as such a surprise. You've always seemed so confident and happy to me, I honestly never realised you felt this way. You beautiful, beautiful little chicken you.

  2. Thank you :) um...who is this *blush*

  3. T to the A to the R to the AJanuary 7, 2010 at 1:59 AM


    Keep updating this one love, I'm using it to keep my motivated :)