Friday, January 29, 2010

The perfect 10 - Week 4

This week went by so fast I havent even had a chance to read anyone elses update 3's. Also it seems I have a new hobbie, which I will try give up very quickly. This what you do: Go to gym, do about 20 minutes of exercise, have a mild medical emergency and then rush to the doctor for an injection. Last week it was lungs closing up = double cortisone injection. This week it was cramps in my hips so bad I though I had appendicitis = volataren injection. My muscles have been cramping up all week. I spoke to my Doc again and she reckons the body is fighting off some sort of infection (she offered to prescribe something and I said no thanks) so the muscles are a little week. In lieu of what she wanted to give me I have upped the veg and fruit intake, put some goji berries as snacks in my bag and continues to exercise.

So how are my goals for this challenge?
1) Get to 110kg (242lb) by the wedding: I lost the extra 600g (1.3lb) but no more then that. I think its pretty good all things considered. Also I have discovered something else, I have let something back into my diet that really shouldnt be there in those quantitites and that is salt. I was so good about it in the begining and I didnt miss it but I guess when I ate some one elses cooking for a week I got used to that salt content and forgot. So I am now using very little salt in my own cooking and not adding any salt to any food that already contains it. I am now 114.4kg (252.2lb) again.

2) Track every single day and stay under my points: I tracked every day and only went over my points once (by 1 point)

3) Train for at least 5 hours a week: Last week I didnt make it to 5 hours, not too worried as I was off by like 30min. This week I am currently sitting on 4h10m50s and I still have my saturday workout left. The 17 minute monday workout really threw me out and having my muscles cramp as I get into an exercise is really pissing me off. Also I have to fire my trainer as he has missed way too many appointments, in fact after I have finished this entry I am writing the email

This week was definitely an improvement, at least I able to finish my 5 hours

And now for the Little known fact about me:
I am terrified of heights which makes bridge jumping, rock climbing, abseiling etc loads more fun and ads an exciting adrenaline rush to mundane things like walking along bridges. I try my best to walk as close to the edge as possible as it petrifies me and sends that lovely adrenaline rushing through me. Weird, I know. When we went to Disney and we went to teh waterpark thats supposed to be a ski resort that's melting, my favourite part was the "ski lift" that takes you to the slides


  1. Honey if you want the name of an awesome trainer I still have the number of my old one. It's sitting on my phone until I can afford him again ;)

  2. I hate that about the trainer. That is too bad.

    Hopefully you are past the health issues. It sure is rough when we have to go through things like that.

    I totally get you on the heights, and I am right there with you.

  3. Wow. Bummer about the trainer! Hopefully you didn't have to pay in advance!

  4. i am struggling with the salt issue too. For the first 11 months I did fine, but I've found myself adding more and more to get my taste buds happy, and I think this is contributing to my not losing these last two weeks. Very disappointing.

  5. Sorry to hear about the muscle cramps! Ouch! Are you getting enough potassium in your diet? I get bad cramps when my electrolytes are imbalanced. Glad you can feel the fear and do it anyway with the heights - sounds like it keeps things interesting!

  6. Oh yeah, VA...shoot. He doesn't work at one - works at BUC down here in the Point. But he does house calls?