Sunday, January 10, 2010

An interesting article on Drinking Water

Because of a discussion on a group I am on I wanted to find out how much fluid I need to add to my diet when I exercise. I found the following article and thought it might be useful to a few more people

When it comes to exercise I tend to just listen to my body and drink when I am thirsty, small amounts at a time so as not to get a cramp. I have know for a while that drinking too much water was not good for you but what I didnt know was that men were supposed to drink more water then women. Interesting read.


  1. I just try to continually drink water throughout the day. My water bottle is always next to me. In the beginning I measured, but now its a habit.

  2. I find it so challenging to drink enough water in winter! I have been in that place before where it became a habit and I didn't feel right if I skipped it. So I'm forcing it, hoping to get back to habitland soon. It absolutely helps me lose weight!