Friday, January 8, 2010

The perfect 10 - First Entry

So how are my goals for this challenge?
1) Get to 110kg (242lb) by the wedding: Very well. I am now 115.54kg (254.7lb) which is 860g (1.9lb)   down from when I set my goals on wed.

2) Track every single day and stay under my points: oing great on the tracking but not using all my daily points which is not great. I managed to get my hands on the fitday PC program which is working very nicely. Havent missed one day of tracking

3) Train for at least 5 hours a week: This week I clocked in total (since Sunday) 04:22:29. That leaves me one 40 minute work out for tomorrow which I can do quite easily

Now for my weekly secret:
When I was a teenager I was a HUGE backstreet boys fan. My room was floor to ceiling posters and I even bought a video box set (which I bought at virgin records in NYC with all my pocket money when we were on holiday in the USA). Then it was just over and I gave EVERYTHING away.


  1. Oh man! Those things would probably be collector's items now. Great job on reaching for your P10 goals.

  2. Way to go on the meeting your goals! You will rock next week!! My sister was a huge Backstreet boys fan too - we shared a room and her side was just full of posters :)

  3. 860g since Wednesday is an absolutely stellar loss, LadyRaven, wow!

    Good luck for week 2 of the Perfect 10!

    (And nice to find a fellow Safrican in Perfect 10 country.)

  4. Your weekly secret made me smile :)

  5. Hehe ... Backstreet Boys.

    Good job for the week!

  6. Great update and neat fact. Too bad you gave it away - no telling what it might be worth now. Or not.

  7. Great job on your goals! Did you have a favorite backstreet boy?

  8. Firstly to everyone, thanks for the encouragement

    @Helen I know! but then I needed to purge and they went to a friend so...

    @Sandra luckily by then my sister and I had seperate rooms cause she was going through a spice girls phase

    @Pippa I tried to get more to join but no one I know wanted to

    @Tricia I am glad :)

    @Christy yup :)

    @South Beach Steve maybe in the new decade they will be

    @Kat I think his name was Brain

  9. Best of luck on your Perfect 10 goals! ♥