Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm baaaaack

I thought maybe it was time to get back to this blog. So a quick recap of the last couple of months and then I will try be regular again.

I finished the 8 week beginner healthy weight program at 3.5kg less and started the intermediate program. Finished that having a total loss over the 16 weeks at 6 and a bit KGs.

After that I contemplated my next move but continued to gym and eat healthy. I decided 3 weeks ago to join Weight Watchers and yesterday (Tuesday 08 12 2009) to hire a personal trainer (after a free session where he kicked my ass so bad)

So now I am back with a vengeance. I will be training with him 3 days a week and I just know that the eating will go right because I know from the Healthy Weight experience that if it doesnt I wont make it through a session.

The other thing is, because of the cost of a PT we gonna be eating out a lot less which is great. We slacked a little recently and its not just heavy on the pocket but not so great for the weight loss either. You can make a healthy choice from the menu but there is no way to control how its cooked. How much oil they use, is their butter in there, etc.

so my last weight in was 116.4, lets see how the week goes.

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