Monday, March 29, 2010

A letter to my body, apologies and some wedding pics

Dear Body

This letter is by way of an apology as I have not been very nice to you lately. A few days before the wedding, I went to fetch my dress and tried it on. Oh and body you were so good you lost more weight! So what did I do, I punished you, I ate everything in site so as to not look wrong in the dress and still you kept going. I kept going too with wedding cake and cupcakes and waaay too much sushi. I went to my weigh in and you had only gained 600g, I was so impressed, but instead of getting back on track I declared the week "cheat week" and ate everything I have avoided indulging in for the last 6 months.

This letter is also by way of a promise. Today it ends, the abuse ends today. We will go home today and go swim then start the 100 push-up program again. I keep saying "I wish I could run so I could just put my running clothes on and go for a run when I dont have time for gym" I cant run, I can swim and there is a lovely pool, just down stairs that I can do it in. From tomorrow my WW week starts and with it starts the tracking, we both know we are much happier when we track. Not being allowed bread for the next week will help us get back on track too.

I love you body, thank you so much for doing everything you have done so far for me and here is to a long and Healthy life together


Now for my apologies to my few readers. I fell off the face of the earth when the Wedding Madness started and I am sorry for it. I really wanted to complete the Perfect 10 challenge and just couldnt. The stress, the running around everything was against me and when I had a moment to myself the last thing I wanted to do was blog. I have learnt a lot tho and this will help with my continuing journey.

And now for some fun. Here are a few pics, not the pro ones, still waiting for those from the wedding :)

Waiting for J to check I am the correct bride

The Rabbi gives us something of his as a sign of trust as the officiator of our wedding

Cutting the cake (blue velvet with dark chocolate ganache and bavarian cream)


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Cake what?

  2. Yes, wedding cake was the first cake I have had in an age. Well worth it, a friend baked it for me as the wedding gift and it was fantastic

  3. Aw! The pictures are lovely and you are a beautiful bride. I hope you have a wonderfully healthy week this week.