Friday, February 12, 2010

The Perfect 10 - week 6

The salt thing seems to be working, I am sure of it. My friend Marcelle thought that it would be difficult for me as some one who loves cooking to use less salt because the flavour becomes more bland. On the contrary, it challenges me to make unbland food without using salt and that just makes it so much more fun.

So how are my goals for this challenge?
1) Get to 110kg (242lb) by the wedding: I am back on a downward trend and loving it. I lost another 400g (0.9lb) since last friday. Again not big but I am happy to see 113.6kg (250.4lb)

2) Track every single day and stay under my points: um nope, didnt happen. If I look back I can tell you but I was super busy at work this week as the magazine is going to the printer tuesday

3) Train for at least 5 hours a week: 1 hour left. I have also added the 100 push up program to my agenda (and I am doing real push ups not girly ones)

And now for the Little known fact about me:
I got on my first flight when I was 2 and a half. My mom thought I would be terrified because I hated loud noises but I was happy and giggly and talked (yes talked, not spoke) to the guy next to us for the whole flight (I think it was 14 hours in those days). Since  then I have loved to fly, short or long distances from the minute I board to the minute I leave I am in some sort of meditative state and loving it


  1. Curses on the flying for me. I hate it. I get high anxiety on planes, thinking about falling to my death. It's terrible. Not to mention I get motion sickness. I have to go on a flight this next week for business and I am so not looking forward to it. not. at. all.

  2. yes the salt is an issue. it does make food's taste come out. so what do you use?

  3. herbs and other spices such as smoked paprika and cayene pepper. A little bit of lemon juice or a tiny bit of sugar also make a simple sauce more complex. Black pepper while cooking is fantastic (I dont really like it freshly ground)

  4. Foodie Girl: its also got a lot to do with attitude, if you already decided it will be hell it will be. Like losing weight. If you decide that you will fail you will.